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How do I establish my Fluther account on a new computer?

Asked by tempId (8points) 1 month ago

This is LostInParadise. I got a new computer and am not able to log in, so I created a new account so I could ask for advice. I forgot my user name/password. When I gave my email address to get them back, I got a message saying that the email account was not set up on the computer, but I was able to connect to my email account. What do I have to do to be able to return?

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Not sure I understand exactly, but when I got a new tablet I just went to Fluther and logged in with my same name and password. Easy as that.

I use my account on my laptop most of the time, but sometimes instead of reading in bed I come to Fluther on my tablet, and there’s no problem with transition.

You know your old username, and can’t you recover/reset your password on the old computer and then just bring it over?

This is one reason why I don’t use the password storage function on my various computers. If I don’t use them all the time to log in, I will forget them. A little extra typing is better than getting locked out. Also I do keep some in a notebook.

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Log into fluther and when it asks for your user name and password, add them as you did on the old computer.

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Your user name is LostInParadise. I can’t help you with your password.

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Maybe contact the Mods and see if they can help you.

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Did you get back into Fluther ?

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@Tropical_Willie, apparently yes because date of last visit for @LostInParadise shows as today, 10/23/2021.

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