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Do you consider this an accurate description of ham?

Asked by ragingloli (52058points) October 22nd, 2021

Something I found on Reddit.

[Ham] has no bones, fat, or connective tissue. It is an amalgamation of the meat of several pigs, emulsified, liquefied, strained, and ultimately inexorably joined in an unholy meat obelisk.
God had no hand in the creation of this abhorrence.
The fact that this ham monolith exists, proves that God is either impotent to alter His universe, or ignorant to the horrors taking place in his kingdom.
This prism of pork is more than deli meat.
It is a physical declaration of mankind’s contempt for the natural order.
It is hubris manifest.

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Flagged for ham.

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Nope. A description maybe of spam, but not at all accurate about ham.

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You can get processed ham or bone in ham.

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Mmmmm, spiral bone in is the best.

Yes that sounds like Spam or bologna or something but not actual ham.

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That’s more like bologna or very cheap processed ham shaped into a perfect cube or cylinder shape.

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No. That is spam.

<—— Looking in the fridge for some Swiss cheese now.

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You’re talking about chopped ham. A combination of bits of hams processed, not ground into paste, into a loaf and sliced for sandwiches. An actual ham is a leg of pig, with skin and bone intact, smoke cured and available in a way to allow the consumer to cut/slice in any thickness you want, then cook what remains of the leg in a pot of beans..

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An obelisk? That sounds more like a description of a hot dog.

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Gawd no! Sounds dreadful! A ham is a cut of pork, like a roast is a cut of beef. Or an actor overdoing it.

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Right on target – If it’s about a certain former US president.

But if not, someone needs to have more respect for pigs.

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If you ain’t eat’n SPAM then you ain’t eat’n ham!

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Ham conventionally refers to both the pig’s leg and processed ham products..
A steady diet of processed meat increases risk of GI tract cancer by 20%

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I’m a huge ham, always demanding attention and accolades.

Do I count? If yes, the accurate description is: 5’6”, fit from regular workouts, avid cook, baseball fan, vegan, and sometimes annoying.

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