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How far can I raise my test scores, from going on a low FODMAP diet for IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24648points) November 1st, 2021

I start fine then my IBS flares up and I skip a lot of the test and barely pass it. How can I improve my test scores from treating my IBS, or other things?

Since I was diagnosed with IBS, and taking the low FODMAP diet, I was able to raise my Athabasca University English free test from 53% to 63%. How far can I take treatment for IBS to raise my marks?

Link to free test

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How are we supposed to be able to answer this? Keep up the good work and let us know how you are doing. You have nothing to lose and stand to gain in health and getting into a university. Are you still planning to go to a university? How many years has it been?

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@LostInParadise How are we supposed to be able to answer this? From experience. Yes, Athabasca University and Red Deer Polytechnique. Its been 20 years.

What else does Fluther recommend? Like peppermint tea?

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I ordered IBGuard peppermint pills, and Tetley Tea Pure Peppermint Herbal Tea, 20-Count from Amazon. I will update Fluther when I take the test again while taking the pills and peppermint tea.

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Update I found that McDonalds has peppermint tea. I canceled my Amazon purchases, and will stick to McDonalds peppermint tea.

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Better look it up to see if it actually has any peppermint in it or just has a peppermint flavor, which could be all chemical.

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@kneesox The tea did nothing for me.

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In your place I think I would take a good dose of Imodium (or equivalent) half an hour before the test and then focus.

Also find out if any other meds you are taking could be causing the IBS symptoms. I suffered from IBS (diagnosed by my doctor) for three years before learning that one of the meds prescribed by the same doctor was responsible for the symptoms. After I figured it out, he said, “Oh, yeah, ——  can do that.”

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Have you tried speaking to the test administrator about some accommodation for your condition? If you could leave as needed and return, would that help? They might have to arrange for supervision to make sure there was no attempt at cheating.

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@Jeruba I was given a bunch of juice boxes, and yougarts, and they typed for me. It didn’t help. I don’t know what accommodation that they can make for me.

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@RedDeerGuy1, why not ask the doctor who’s treating you? The doctor may have ideas about how to manage your symptoms well enough to get you through the test.

I never heard of FODMAP before I saw this Q, and now my doctor is discussing it with me.

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Update I found great improvements from cutting out four main foods from my diet. (Apple, grapefruit, cabbage and cauliflower)

I have a 410 day streak in my online free French lessons from Duolingo.

I have not had a pop in 9 months. I drink refrigerated tap water, milk and V8 veggie, non alcoholic low sodium, cocktails.

I have freshly ground Himalayan pink salt. Instead of table salt.

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