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How do I build a custom vocabulary test online?

Asked by ALM (67points) March 9th, 2007
I have an excel spreadsheet of about 200 vocab words collected from reading/conversations during the past two months. I need a comprehensive way to test myself on these words and make sure that I don't forget them. I've been investigating ways to build my own custom vocabulary tests and take them online. I don't just want to test myself on the definition of the word, I also want to remember how the author used the word in context. I am willing to pay for software or an online-based service that will chart progress and allow me to share the test with others. It would also be great if the program had a built-in dictionary to look-up words. I imagine the tests in two parts: multiple choice and fill-in-the-blank. For example: Define supercilious A) Haughty B) Silly C) Happy. Fitzgerald describes Tom Buchanan (pg 17)... "his jaw pointed forward in a _________ manner." Answer: Supercilious It seems simple, but almost all of the test-builting sites out there just help you make a word-puzzle and they don't allow you to save and manage the test for future use. If anyone has any ideas or favorite sites, please share them. I really appreciate the help.
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Check out, it may be what you're looking for.
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Will Rogers had a much easier (and for me, far more effective) method. He said (I am doing this from memory), "Use a word three times and it is yours forever" I told my students who were panicked over SATS this over and over. Occasionally I would throw a fancy word into a conversation or speech and notice whether anyone asked me what it meant. So, juice up your monologues or papers a little...not too arcane or bombastic (or fustian, of course) but just add a little colour.
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I still use the dictionary whenever I come on a word I don't know. Active use is far more effective than passive memorization (you should forgive the passive voice - which I dislike -here)
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Ben - thank you so much. Quizlet is exactly what I was looking for. If you are curious you can check out the lists I've created titled "The Great Gatsy - Useage" and "The Great Gatsby - Definitions". The reason I was searching for a good vocab testing site was to do as Gail suggested and learn by active practice rather than passive memorization. This site provides me the tools to practice spelling, learn definitions and track word usage by author and genre. I want to send fluther a box of chocolates just as a thank you for telling me about Quizlet!
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usage - no "e" (will fluther ever provide the option to spellcheck?)
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Slow and steady, remember. Too many lists and too many words may overwhelm you. It takes a long time, as w. any skill, to develop an elegant, precise and varied vocabulary - there is also a difference (I know you know this) between what you understand when you read and what you use. (So true also when learning a foreign language.)
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It’s pretty easy .. I have done it for my website let me know if you are still looking for such kinda software.

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Try . I love the site. It lets you build a vocab list and also lets you do crossword puzzles and take “tests” that the site develops.

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