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Is Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader different from Adobe Reader? How?

Asked by 2davidc8 (10189points) November 1st, 2021

As asked.

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They are different versions of the same software. Originally it was Acrobat Reader then they changed it Adobe Reader mid 2000’s and then to Adobe Acrobat Reader in mid 2010’s.

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Thanks, @Lightlyseared . Now what is Adobe Acrobat DC?

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Adobe Acrobat DC is the Pro version of Acrobat that is part of the Adobe Creative Cloud monthly subscription plan.

It has many more features than the free Reader version.

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Adobe acrobat DC (Document Cloud) is how you buy acrobat now as a subscription. You can get it standalone or part of Creative Cloud.

It slows you to create PDFs instead of just read them however a lot of programs (word for example) now let you save files as pdf so unless you need the additional features it’s probably not worth paying for.

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The reason I asked is that I have Adobe Acrobat DC, but I’ve never paid for any subscription. So I’m not sure I understand what @cookieman and @Lightlyseared are saying.
However, I do note that there some features that are not enabled, but I CAN sign documents and I CAN edit.

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