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Other than making weapons for the military, or working in oil and gas, what can one do with a chemistry undergraduate degree?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (21215points) November 17th, 2021

Humor and legit answers welcome.

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One can work in pharmeceuicals. Who do you think mixes the compounds for drug trials?

Owsley was a trained chemist.

You can go to work for Du Pont; Better living through chemistry.

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Plenty of jobs out there. Check out the careers site at:
ECOLAB, 3M, BioGen, Moderna, Shire, etc
Look toward Forensic Toxicology uses
Culinary Chemistry
Tesla related to Lithium batteries, etc
Space industry Polymers

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Apply to graduate schools.

Become a mad scientist.

Set fire to snow and water.

Use your measuring skills and understanding of chemistry for cooking and coffee brewing and baking and so on.

Enjoy understanding various things because you understand chemistry.

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Develop or test paints for Sherwin Williams and PPG.

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Go to work for Heisenberg making crystal meth

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Teach chemistry.

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