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Why is the movie WATCHMEN being taken to court?

Asked by dfwil145 (10points) September 14th, 2008 from iPhone

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wow this is pretty stupid. I didnt know about it until i read your question, but after a quick google search this is what i found.

From what im gathering from that article is that Fox based its TV show Heroes off of the original 80s graphic novel Watchmen. They have copyrights to any and all further renditions of this story. Then Warner bros came along and decided to make a movie based on the graphic novel Watchmen without getting promission from Fox. They claim Fox no longer had the rights while Fox says its copyright infringement. Evidently Fox doesnt even want the movie to be released. A court date is set for January, well find out what happens.

I really hope Fox isnt a bunch of dicks and gets this movie to be never released because it does look pretty sweet. Ah well, time will tell.

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If Watchmen is axed, I’ll be pretty annoyed. Heroes is nothing in comparison. Get back in the dirty cash-lined gutter Fox, where you belong.

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I couldnt agree more richardhenry i mean if there was some direct relations i could understand this whole thing, but while Heroes is “based” on the graphic novel, the movie is supposed to be pretty on point. Completely different. I hate Fox. Hopefully it will end with the judge telling fox to piss off and the movie will still get released. ^_^

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I hope so. While he’s at it, he should have the Fox News team put in a large microwave.

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