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What is the weirdest thing your pet likes to eat?

Asked by Jellie (6489points) October 6th, 2011

My dog loves Polo! His love is not normal either. He’d do anything for them. For exmaple he knew everytime we tried to get him into the car it would most probably be to goto the vet. So everytime he’d see us calling him to the car or herding him there he’d run and hide. So we’d have to lure him out with Polo and he knew he’d end up in the car to goto the vet but he didn’t give up the Polo. He’s awesome.

He also loves fruit. His all time favourite is Mango. He drools a puddle if he smells it. He’ll also eat Banana and Apples.

Oh we also had a rabbit that loved chocolate and 7 up. Obviously we didn’t feed it to him, we weren’t sure how good/bad it’d be for him. But once I was sitting on my sofa eating a chocolate chip cookie and he was on the floor besides the sofa. He jumped up from there into my lap, ran up my chest and tried to take the cookie out of my mouth. Now I know rabbits are not known for their sense of smell, but he knew it was chocolate. Also everytime someone had 7 up he’d run to them and would put his mouth near your mouth as you would bring the bottle to your mouth.

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I don’t know if it’s weird but my dog loves bread, moreso than meat it seems. If it sees me handling bread it will almost have a seizure out of excitement.


Oatmeal. Once I left a bowl of boiled oatmeal on the table, and my big lovable Akita got into it. When I found out, there was an empty bowl and a dog with a face full of oatmeal. He loves the stuff.

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My cat loves pumpkin stems.

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My cat will try eating literally anything. Bite first, think later.
He is especially fond of apples, ricecakes, flies, and paper. I try not to let him get his nasty little paws on anything but kitty kibble and flies, though I’ll occasionally break off a little piece of ricecake because, well, he gives me very little choice.

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Toilet paper and rocks. Axel also likes t shirts and expensive rugs.

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My dog loves to eat apples and bees (yes, together). He’ll wander under the apple tree picking up windfall fruit, which is full of yellowjackets, munch them, shake his head, rub his face on the ground and happily grab another.

I think it might be similar to my liking wasabi or chinese hot mustard: hurts, hurts, hurts, hurts! Do it again.

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I saw our kitty Bo, eating dirt from my windowsill last summer. ;-o

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I had a cat once that went nuts for cantelope, he had to have a bowl of diced melon every time I cut one.

Nothing unsual with my pets now, but…it is kinda funny, the geese get their chopped lettuces, “greens,” and my cat loves her “Greenie” treats, so, sometimes I’ll ask the cat if she wants some greenie treats and the geese will start honking because they hear the word “green”. lol

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My dogs love veggies (raw or cooked) and fruit. They steal custard apples, avocados and even (the only one ever on the tree) mangoes off our fruit trees.

My cat loves carbs. Bread, chips, any sort of carbs… he loves them. Not that we let him have this stuff often.

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I had a rabbit when I was young that liked to chew gum… it was funny to watch him

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Hmmm good job we killed the Avo tree then hey @Brian1946! Ollie loves Avos… we never let them have onions or anything. They love broccoli and cauliflower though. Carrots.

The Avo tree suddenly died. :-( I didn’t touch it.

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He is weird. He doesn’t like people food except for Deli Turkey.

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My dogs loved peas.If I didn’t shuck them they’d chew the pods until they got them open.

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@Brian1946 – If my dog could read that he’d go into depression. Those are all his favourite foods, lol.

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Rocks. Well at least she tries! I hate it when she does it, it’s bad for her teeth even if it’s just an attempt, which it always is. Crazy baby! (My dog Lucky).

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My cat likes syrup, my other cat will just eat random things on the floor.

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My dog eats poop. Enough said. :(

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My dogs had been abandoned, and they ate lots of poop. One day, I made the mistake of taking them in the car. They hadn’t been in a car I soon learned. They both got nervous, and one puked all over the other, causing the puked on dog to also puke.They had enjoyed a full meal of poop. Talk about a gross clean up.

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My dog is obsessed with raw pasta.

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@Leanne1986 What kind of pasta? My brother had a dog that if left alone, would always go after the spaghetti.

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@Adirondackwannabe Thanks so much for that visual. :P

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@WillWorkForChocolate The visual had nothing on the smell.

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I’m going to have to ask you to shut up now. :D

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My dog loves to eat feathers. We have many down pillows and blankets that occasionally spit out a feather or two.

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Dandelion fluff (my 15 year old Pomeranian Chihuahua)

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Red wine. He’s sampled just about every kind of food and likes most of it but with the red wine, he got very persistent, physically aggressive trying to paw at our hands to get to the glass, jumping all over the bed to distract us so he could pounce over to the glass.

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Manipulative alcoholics in multiple species. ~

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My dog Mikey loved candy canes. He’d go wild for them.

We had a mini-lop bunny, Holly, that had to have her front teeth removed. She loved for us to hand feed her tortilla chips and PB Cap’n Crunch cereal. ;) She’d gallop around us, do figure 8’s around our feet and stand up to beg for these treats.

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@Adirondackwannabe She doesn’t seem to have a preference but I usually have the pasta that looks like little tubes!

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My dog likes kitty nuggets. And I can always tell when she’s been into them. Little miss sour breath.

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@woodcutter I call those “kitty kruchies”.
Totally irresistible to the canine crew. I had to install a gate to keep them out of the litterbox.

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Or you can just buy really good cat & dog food and allow the dogs to eat some of the cat food daily. ;) Then they won’t want the poop anymore.

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@Blueroses Ha. Either way it’s a gross habit, ugh.

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