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How many dinner rolls do you allow for each diner at Thanksgiving?

Asked by kritiper (25752points) November 25th, 2021

As asked.

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Five. But we don’t really mind leftover rolls.

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Mom used to have at least 6 per person and we would always have real butter and strawberry jam.

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Probably enough for 3–5 per person. Some people like fewer. I usually only ever had one because more than one would fill me up too quickly. Never run out of them, though. :)

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What is a dinner roll?

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Yeah, guys, what in Pete’s name is a dinner roll?
I take it it’s edible?
Not TP, right?

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@ragingloli, @rebbel, look here:

dinner rolls

You probably have another name for the same thing. They’re small portions of bread served on the side with a meal, usually dinner. Typically they’re meant to be served hot, and you split them with a fork and butter them.

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At some homes, each member play-acts the Thanksgiving story for the meal – one person will protray an indian in costume, while another will dress up as a pilgrim, and so on.

Those are called dinner roles.

Depending on family size, each member of the family can act as their own person, but in some cases they play multiple dinner roles.

It all depends.

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Thank you, @Jeruba.
We call those “puntjes”, which translates to “points”......(or “periods”).

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I ate one crescent biscuit and one turkey leg and a little of everything else.

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Twice as many as I think I need. Running out of rolls is inexcusable.

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Wow, you guys love your rolls! We had only 1.5 per person, and they still weren’t finished. Who wants a roll when there’s so much great stuff to eat?

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1–2 per person

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In East Germany, we call those “Dampfnudeln” (steam noodles), and they are dessert, usually served with vanilla sauce.

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2/person — and we get the King’s Hawaiian Rolls paired with my wife’s maple butter.

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The official count that caterers use is 2 per person.

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So, all you prodigious dinner roll servers: how many were consumed at your table yesterday, and what was the average per person?

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I ate almost a whole one. Honestly, I could live on bread and rolls, with real butter. But not at Thanksgiving dinner.

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Can I ask, what do you do with leftover rolls? Don’t they go stale immediately?

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Put them in a plastic bag. If they aren’t gone after a couple of days stick them in the freezer.

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I had four with dinner.

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