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What is the first movie you remember seeing Bruce Willis in?

Asked by Dutchess_III (44659points) 1 month ago

No googling!!

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The first Bruce Willis film I ever saw was The Fifth Element. I’ve seen some of his earlier films, but not until years later.

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Hard to kill. The bad guy played Professor Snape in Harry Potter.

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I don’t know. Wasn’t he in a TV series first? I used to watch TV. That’s where I probably saw him.

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I first saw him was In Towering Inferno. 1974. Long before the Die Hard movies that made him famous.

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oops Die Hard. The actor who played Hans Grubar also played Professor Snape in Harry Potter.

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Not a movie, but we first saw him in a tv show, “Moonlighting”. He kind of took off from there. Not familiar with his films, other than the Die Hard movies.

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I was familiar with him in Moonlighting first. I think the first movie of his I saw was Sunset. I may have seen The Verdict first, and he is noticeable in that, even though he is an extra.

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“Yippee-ki-yay, motherfucker”

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It was on Moonlighting, then the first Die Hard. That probably dates me…

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Pulp Fiction

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Die Hard was the first movie I saw him in, but I was a big fan of Moonlighting, the TV show he was in before that.

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Also Moonlighting first, which was a great TV Show.

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@Dutchess_III Was he in the Towering Inferno? That seems years before he started acting, and on the wrong coast.

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The first Bruce Willis sighting I had was in the TV series Moonlighting with Cybil Shepard. The first movie? probably Die Hard. I know it was old because he still had hair.

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Twelve Monkeys probably which I saw at the cinema when it first came out. I’ve seen others since.

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I was wrong! He isn’t in the cast

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Probably The 5th Element or Armageddon.
Come to think of it, these 2, and Hudson Hawk, are the only movies with him in it, that I have watched.
Needless to say, he is not high on my list of actors to intentionally seek out.

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First movie, Die Hard. Was already a fan of Moonlighting so the surprise of seeing him in an action film where he brought his comedy stylings was truly a delight.

Great period in Hollywood action movies. The rise of Ahnuld, Stallone and David Addison.

Also fun to find out later that Bruce was an extra in a courtroom scene in Paul Newman’s movie, The Verdict. Ahnuld was a bit-player in Elliot Gould’s The Long Goodbye playing a henchman and interesting that Stallone did a porn film.

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That’s a hard question for me, unless you count seeing a couple of Moonlighting episodes circa 2005 (?).

IiRC, I think I didn’t see any films with Bruce Willis in them until 2008–2012 or so, at which point I saw several in some order I don’t remember. So it could have been any of Unbreakable, The Sixth Sense, The Fifth Element, Pulp Fiction, or Live Free or Die Hard (that last one is so stupid . . .).

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The Sixth Sense.

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Die Hard, but I watched every episode of Moonlighting. I knew from the first show he would go big.

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Saw him first on the TV show Moonlighting and then Die Hard.

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