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Do you like QR Code menus?

Asked by Jonsblond (6476points) 1 month ago from iPhone

I had my first experience with a QR code menu today and it wasn’t the best. I went out to lunch with my 87 year old father, three sons and husband. My husband left his phone at home to enjoy time with family. My father doesn’t have a smart phone and one son didn’t have data. We had to wait to ask for a physical menu.

I don’t like how it’s expected of everyone to have a cell phone wherever they go these days. Maybe that’s the question I should really ask.


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I agree. I don’t like them either.

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I haven’t experienced that, and do have a smartphone, but would be lost trying to read an entire menu through a QR code.

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It’s a minor annoyance these days.
When Covid is done, I am not interested in keeping it.

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At the beginning of October 2020 we went to pizza place with outdoor seating and they had QR code menus on each table with a note at the bottom, “We figure our menus are handled by 30 to 40 people a day, For sanitary reasons we don’t have paper menus.”

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I’d go up to the cashier and tell her/him that I’d like a paper menu, Paper menus aren’t meant to be reused. If they didn’t have one, I’d tell them they just lost a customer.

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I totally agree.

Those who decide to use QR Codes totally incorrectly assume EVERYONE has a cellphone and virtually all of them are smart phones.

I know of many people who don’t have cell phones so how ae they going to be able to use QR Codes?

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No, I dislike them.

The way I’ve encountered these, has been customers get seated and left to notice the QR code and text by it that says something like “scan for menu” and then the staff ignores the customers for a while.

In such cases, the assumptions that customers have smart phones, a signal, etc., and that they will figure out the menu web page, and be able to read it well, are presumptuous and rude.

Even when they do have those things, it’s never been very easy to consider a menu on a smart phone screen.

It seems to me that there would be many better “solutions” (though I’m not sure what they’re trying to solve) involving paper rather than awkward uses of high technology.

And in any case, the staff should make sure people are able to see the menus well, and offer alternatives, etc., and not just leave customers to try to deal with a QR code.

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Absolutely can’t stand them. I don’t like reading menus on my phone.

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I don’t like them. I can’t read the menu well on a small screen.

And for security purposes I do not know what information they are getting from my phone when I supposedly voluntarily connect to their website.

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As long as there is adequate nutritional/ingredient information (I have multiple food allergies and sensitivities), I am happy to avoid touching menus and reducing face-time with wait staff. I have only done so twice and while it felt clunky and uncomfortable, it all worked out well.

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At the restaurant we go to they do paper menus so people can take them home and can throw them out but now they do QR and real menus and we just use the real menus except my mom who uses the QR menu.

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I didn’t consider security. Good point @LuckyGuy

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Seems like I’m in the minority, but I actually like them. I’ve always felt reusable menus were kind of gross. And paper menus were wasteful.

Though I do think it’s pretty classist to assume everyone has a phone and knows how to use QR codes.

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What are some restaurants where they use the QR procedure?

I’d say it’s OK if reusable menus are also available, but not if it’s the only choice.

Once I was done with the reusable menu, I’d sanitize my hands with either what the eatery provided, or the sanitizer that I take with me whenever I go out to any place.

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I have never tried QR code menus since I don’t have data on my phone. If the restaurant has free wifi then great. That way I don’t have to wait for a menu.

I love the online menus, they are fun to use.

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What a nuisance! The only good thing about QR menus is that they are more sanitary.

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I don’t like it either, I don’t even use a smart phone or use one to go online, I have a very basic jitterbug flip phone. I don’t like how phone technology is so needed these days. I like to live simple.

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