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Tip question #2: When you tip the hairdresser a holiday tip, is her regular tip included or extra?

Asked by jca2 (16390points) December 4th, 2021

I pay about 65 bucks to the colorist for coloring my hair. I normally give her about $10 tip. If she washes my hair, I give her $5 extra but usually someone else washes my hair, in which case I give that to them.

It’s standard to give the cost of one service as a holiday tip.

When I go to her in December, should I give her the regular tip plus the holiday tip or just $60?

Last year I gave the hairwashing girl $20 as a holiday tip.

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Well, I tip $5.00 but the cut is only $15 so….

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I would just double the cost of the color for the holiday tip, not add on the regular tip.

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@janbb: So give her $120?

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Rick has a hair dresser’s license. Just sayin’

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@jca2 That’s what I would do.

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If the hairdresser never says thank you or even acknowledges the tip in any way, does that affect your feeling about generous holiday tipping?

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I think giving her the $65 tip is more than enough. I think just a double or triple tip, $20 or $30, is good enough.

If you say where you live a tip of a typical service is standard for Christmas then I think that is definitely sufficient, I wouldn’t also add even more tip. Then add a large hair washing tip wherever appropriate.

That must be a NY thing, because I’ve never heard of tipping that high for Christmas as a standard practice. Sure, people give extra at Christmas, and some people are very extravagant, but most people it’s usually just $10 or $20 extra in my experience.

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I’m with @JLeslie The price of the service seems like way too much for a tip. I’d give double or triple what I normally tip. Some people give a nice gift, like if you know they enjoy coffee, get a pricey coffee in a pretty container.

@kneesox It sure would affect my ideas about tipping at Christmas!

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I like money more than a gift. I wouldn’t give a gift. With money she can buy whatever she wants, no guessing, or save the money if she wants to.

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I tip mine the regular tip, but I over tip all year. She charges me 75.00 for highlights, which is 20.00 less than my last hairdresser charged, so I give her 100.00 each time which is once every 3 months.

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