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How many quarts are in a gallon?

Asked by stephserna (1points) August 5th, 2007 from iPhone


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Google is amazing. They have this feature. if you type in 1 gallon to quarts, it tells you that there are 4 quarts in 1 gallon. I love the google converter, it can do crazy conversions in almost every unit imaginable. :-D

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I meant to add- to do a conversion just put # units to otherunits like 10 gallons to ounces, 1358 miles to centimeters then click search. From there it tells you the answer/result and it has a link to more about calculator. I'd suggest going there and reading that, it's got some amazing features.

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So does one of the Widgets on the Mac. Since it is already sitting on the Dock, you can skip Google and save one step

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*On the Dashboard on the Dock.

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Now I just wish I could use the Google converter to convert the US to the metric system.

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Four quarts of beer = gallon.


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