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What was the highest score you reached on any online IQ test you have taken?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26879points) December 31st, 2013

<The question titles pretty much says it all>

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MENSA territory

Why do you ask HC ?

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So far, I’ve been intelligent enough not to take an online IQ test.

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40% on the Mensa practice test. My I.Q. score is going down from 216 (In grade school) to 98 (in the hospital), on a real $3000 two day test from the military where I got 98 percentile . Anxiety is too much to take another, but I am willing to take high school grade 12 diploma exam again this year. hopefully I will be calm and successful in June. I love writing on Fluther and my grammar is improving.

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You should ask Vegeta

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I think I was in the upper 3% on the SAT’s, many moons ago, but I’m not too big on on-line IQ tests.

Merriam-Webster has some great quizzes, and I’m always disappointed if I happen to miss something.

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I’m bright enough to be my awesome self. On the IQ scale of wit, charm. humor and intellect, hmmm…..I’m a 200 at least. lol

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My highest score placed me in the 99.5 percentile. This was administered by a professional using the WAIS. Remember there are many other relevant types of intelligence other than those measures by IQ tests. Social Intelligence and good judgement are often more important.

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^^^ and also creativity. There is no test for creative intelligence including innovative problem solving.

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The last time I took an IQ test, there was no such thing as “online.”

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I’ve never done one online but I’ve taken them three times in my life. First time when I was 15, I scored 132. Next one was 116, and the last one, about 15 years ago, I scored 105. I don’t dare take any more.

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Pick a number between 0 and 10

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@downtide Eventually, you’re going to get to the point where you owe them points. Wise move, stopping now while you’re ahead!

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Milo here: Off the scale, every time. (@downtide, for a small fee, I tutor).

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Remember the “CLEP” tests? College Level Examination Program? I took them in subjects I’d not even had in High School and aced them. I started college with over 30 hours of credit.
Then, college bored me, too. The ticky-tacky professors knew more than me, but it was their job to protect that knowledge.

People (humans) are petty.

Short of WILLFULL ignorance why can’t we get along/work together”?

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@ibstubro Because Rodney King’s message has been brutally suppressed by the military industrial complex lest it suddenly sweep the globe and end arms sales. No, really… ~

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