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I have a huge DVD collection of old classics. I was wondering which is the best way to sell them.

Asked by loria (4points) September 15th, 2008
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We have a huge collection of dvds. used dvds dont seem to fetch much $$$ though.
Something me and my room mate like to do:
When we have a pile of movies that we are tired of watching we post a list on craigs list and offer a dvd swap or trade. all dvds have to be in good condition. each time we get ten or so movies that are new to our rotation keeping the collection from getting stale. give it a shot.

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Amazon, Craigs list or Ebay….those would be your best choices, especially if you want to reach much of the masses.

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awhile ago I was trying to sell my DVD’s as well. I’m sorry to say but the time when you could actually get some money back has come and gone. I didn’t get crap for them.

The world is moving towards no format I believe. Blu-ray is here but I have the feeling with technology changing and streaming technologies hard copies might one day disappear.

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