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Did you buy a gift for yourself this year?

Asked by filmfann (52343points) December 24th, 2021

Tell us what it is!

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A nice set of kitchen knives. I haven’t had the pleasure in years. Each time I got a new set my daughter would lose them, use them as lockpicks and screwdrivers, or, maybe I don’t want to know what happened to the others.
The set I bought are nothing expensive, but nice.

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I did. The newest Billie Eilish CD.

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I did. Some chocolates from the Vermont Country Store and Snoopy pajamas.

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Heading to a Christmas Eve dinner at my sister’s, I stopped by BevMo to get some sodas. While walking through the store, I asked if the had absinthe. They did! So I bought myself a small bottle of the green fairy!

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I buy myself stuff all year long (sometimes too much stuff lol). Some years I have purchased something and wrapped it and didn’t allow myself to use it or open it until Christmas. This year i didn’t do that but I did buy myself some loungewear type of pajamas (with the caveat that I get rid of some of the old ones). I also bought a few shirts from Lands End and Costco, online. In the past few months I bought some perfume (another thing I tend to have too much of) but I opened it right away.

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Years ago I picked up from the local thrift shop a ceramic replica of an old English cottage minus the roof.
I liked it so much that I placed a vine plant in it but always wondered what the roof had looked like and if it was from a set.

Well, this season on a local buy and sell site a lady was selling a five piece set of the same kind.

I purchased that set for $40 ( CDN $) and was so delighted with them.
I might put plants in them in the springtime.

The local lady who delivered them to me told me the story of her late Mother’s fascination of owning them of which that lady ( who delivered it) had bought it for her Mother years ago.
( sadly her mother had recently passed on).

She was thrilled that I was taken by that set and it reminded her of her late mothers reaction on receiving it from her…it made her day and made us feel treasured in giving and receiving.

Here is a link to images on Pininterest of what the whole set ( I only have five) looks like.

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@Inspired_2write: I had some very similar canisters about 25 years ago, given as a housewarming gift. I don’t remember the brand but they had a dark green roof. I ended up throwing them out or donating them, after having them for a good ten years and wanting to make space in the kitchen, but it never occurred to me that without the roofs they could be a planter.

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Oh, the teapot!

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A dark chocolate bar with crystallized ginger. It was so good!

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A Poler napsack. So I can be cozy and look ridiculous all at once.

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