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Are there any general purpose gift cards that are a good value?

Asked by marinelife (62485points) November 17th, 2017

My niece wants to get a perm and suggested a gift card. I don’t know where she will go for it or even where she will be living when she gets it. I checked the Web and it suggests not getting any of the bank card companies’ cards because they make their money from fees.

Do you know of any exceptions? Or shall I give cash?

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Good to know about the bank cards. I think I would give her cash.

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Give her a check or cash. “General” gift cards like visa gift cards often have a fee as you said, and lose money every month they aren’t used. It’s like throwing money on the street.

If you give her money she can put in the bank what she doesn’t use, she won’t have to spend it now.

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I get Visa gift cards at the grocery store or Target. There is a fee to me, but if I buy a $30 card the user gets $30. I know they don’t expire quickly (or at all, I don’t remember the specifics) and there is no monthly fee.

They details are written on the envelope with the card. There is nothing hidden. You can read the specifics and decide if it works for you.

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^^Why not just send a check? Why pay extra money?

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A gift card seems more convenient than a check – checks have to be cashed. You can take it only one place – the bank.

Also, I don’t keep checks anymore. On the rare occasion I need one (maybe once a year) I go to the bank and they print three checks for me. I shred the ones I don’t use.

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