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Do you have any new year’s resolutions?

Asked by bob_ (21816points) December 31st, 2021 from iPhone

Something special or the classics of losing weight, saving more, fuck shit up?

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I don’t consider it a resolution, but just an ongoing goal is to organize things in my house and minimize my stuff. I want to re-do my living room so that’s kind of my upcoming plan for the next few months.

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I’ve never been big on New Year’s Resolutions. I have always felt that you can improve yourself at any time of year.

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Not really, I have been exercising more and eating better. I gave up booze already. Resolve to continue those things I guess?

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I like beginnings. I hate to use the term “resolutions”, so I do so very sparingly. This coming year, I have two, I hope I can see them through. They involve making useful again two areas of my home.
Wish me luck!

And if you come help, @bob_, I will make you many sandwiches.
Happy New Year!

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My main resolution is not to make New Years resolutions. They never work.

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Resolve to remain just as I was in 2018.

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No. I quit doing that because I feel like an utter failure.

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Nope, just try and live through another year on this fucked up planet.

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Ditto @SQUEEKY2 Keep my fingers crossed. hope for an end to Covid, and no more doom gloom Putin wants a atomic boom. Hell Mr. Musk, I’ll go to freaking Mars for you. Just send me a lifetime supply of beer, and an English to Martian translating book. “Take me to your beer bust!”

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Hey BOB!! – Ha! I’ve been sooo busy:

Can’t loose any more weight, no more to save, and shit is already fucked up.

So I resolve to clean up my mess, spend more, and non-diet. Wish me luck ;)

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Nothing that I can think of. My life is perfect.

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I don’t make any actual resolutions; I just kind of let the areas I know I want to improve in float around and stay conscious of them.

Have you ever decided you’re going to stop or start doing something, like I dunno. . .flossing, and days or weeks later you remember that you forgot that you wanted to do it? Hate when that happens! :o\

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D.) Fuck shit up.
This is a multiple choice question, right?

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More than it already is @raum ??^^

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@SQUEEKY2 I like to take the phrase to mean “disrupt things as they currently are”. :D

Or as John Lewis would say “Get in good trouble, necessary trouble.”

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I’ve no weight to lose and fucking shit up goes without saying. I’m going to try to make it to 2023, I’ll make my resolutions then.

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No. I never do that.

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