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Does HD video camera + Regular DVD burner + HDTV = Bad picture?

Asked by JohnRobert (490points) September 15th, 2008

Here’s the scenario: I have a Sony HD video camera and just purchased a regular DVD burner to store the HD videos. My question is, “will the DVD’s look bad when played on a High-Def Television?” (I don’t have an HD television yet, or I would just try it). I’m wondering if I wasted my money on the regular DVD burner. I just read somewhere that Blu-ray burners are the only thing that looks good on an HDTV and that a regular DVD will look bad.

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Yes, the Video DVD format will down-res your HD signal to standard definition (roughly 640×480).

If you want HD video, look into a Blu-Ray burner or the AppleTV (networkable hard-drive-based media center with built-in software for navigation and remote control).

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That’s what I was afraid of. I’ll see if I can return the DVD burner and get a Blu-Ray burner. Thank you for the info.

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