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Can you walk me through the steps of creating a website,where I can sell both self made DVDs and download-able content?

Asked by BlessedWifeandMommy (40points) September 15th, 2008
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How much technical skill do you have?

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I beginning to moderate skill, I do learn quick. My husband who would be helping me, is a computer programmer.

I’ve never considered making my own website before.

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I know I need a domain name and someone to host the site, but what software do I use to create the content? Also I want a shopping cart and check out system. I also need to know how to set up downloads?

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Well… As far as a program goes, I’d recommend Notepad++ or Aptana. A shopping cart system that supports downloadable content. Hmmmm…. OsCommerce does do that. Here’s how. They have a huge community and the shopping cart is very well developed.

You’re really not going to need to do a whole lot as far as creating content on the computer. You’ll probably end up doing most of that within the shopping cart software. If you want to make a custom theme for it, then yeah you’ll need some of the software I suggested, but if you can find a theme you like, then I wouldn’t bother. Have your husband help you setup the basic database connections and you should be good to go from there.

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Thanks for the suggestions!

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I have just set up someone with – so cool and smart and customizable. And you are not having to reinvent the wheel. All there and ready to go.

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Glad I could help. Hopefully it’ll get you where you need to go.

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tWrex beat me to the punch. Great answer. Come back here if you need more help, I’m sure I can chip in.

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Don’t know if my comments are too late – just saw your post. Here is my very personal suggestion -I am sure others will disagree on my recommendations, but they serve me well.
1. Select a host, open an account with them (I use GoDaddy for several sites, but there are many others), select and reserve a domain name (most hosts can help here).
2. Go go and download the latest version of Joomla! (free, open source web design software).
3. Buy the book Joomla! – A Users Guide by Barrie M. North and read through it.
4. Dive in!

You can test your new Joomla site on your own computer using the free program WAMPServer – get it at .
When you are ready to go live, upload your site to GoDaddy (or whatever host) enable enable your domain name

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