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Who are the Yarobi people?

Asked by AsksQuestions (82points) January 21st, 2022 mentions the Yarobi people, however I can only find information about the Yoruba people. Has there been a slight error?

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I think it is a typo or intentionally invented/fake-ified name, and/or confusion with Yoruba.

That page seems like the only place mentioning it, in the context of hawking a “luck ring”. That page seems to be trying to conjure something appealing but misleading by claiming “a great civilization flourished in the region” – where “great” is meaningless but sounds meaningful. The traditional Yoruba culture is pretty “great” in many ways, but that marketing line sounds to me a bit like it’s trying to conjure something else for sales purposes. The Yoruba are related to an old empire but one called the Oyo Empire .

Actual Nigerian culture includes Yoruba but does not seem to include “Yarobi”. The term does not register at all in Google ngrams. There is a company using a name spelled the same way, in Myanmar (and also something in the UK), but those seem un-related as far as I noticed.

It’s possible it is an atypical transliteration of something that isn’t usually written that way, but I don’t see anything close other than Yoruba. There’s Fulani, Hausa, Kanuri, Ibibio, and about 300 other tribal names, which could be transliterated into different letters.

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I found this. Scroll down to read about Yoruba (they spell it Yoruba now).

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