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Do your possessions mean a lot to you?

Asked by jca2 (16260points) February 14th, 2022

Not referring to your abode or your car, but your “stuff” – your knick knacks, your books, your kitchenware (fancy plates, perhaps, or stuff for your table), your photos and printed art, your tools, things people gave you, or does it all mean very little to you and you’d not think twice about leaving it behind or giving it away?

This question came to me because I’m in the process of packing up stuff in my living room so that I can paint it and put a new floor down, and fix it up. As I was packing up the knick knacks that I have in a glassed-in case, I was thinking about how much they mean to me. Some are things my grandmother had, or my mother had, or things I was given as a child, or collected. I have a few handmade things that good friends made me, like crocheted blankets and things like that. I also have a lot of books, the majority which I could get rid of without thinking twice, but some from my childhood mean a lot to me.

I’m nostalgic about a lot of my stuff. There are things that were gotten rid of as I grew up, that I wish I still had. Sometimes I wish I didn’t care so much about a lot of my stuff, which would make it easier for me to get rid of it.

Some people own little or they may not be nostalgic about their stuff.

How about you? Do you really value any of your possessions or is it disposable, to you? Are there things you own that you collected or that were gifts, that you really cherish?

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The only things that I can’t replace are my report cards from kindergarten to university, and my pay stubs. The rest is mostly junk that I would gladly give to GoodWill if they would come and get it.

I would try to keep my bed, and alarm clock that I bought for $19.99 In 1986 with my own money.

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Some of em. Come to think of it, I guess it’s a lot of em.

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I have gone through many moves in the past. Possessions do not mean alot to me unless it is like a pebble that my son gave me on a hiking trip when he was 2, Or a watch of my fathers that he gave to me before he passed away.

Anything other than those meaningful types of items as just “stuff”. I recall moving one time and threw away, donated, or gave away more items than I moved.

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Yes, most of them do. I keep paring things down in preparation for the inevitable down-sizing but so many are meaningful to me as gifts, family memories or handcrafted items. I don’t care much about utilitarian stuff that can be replaced nor do I care about the monetary value of things; it’s all about what it means to me.

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No. I’ve given things away plenty of times. I’ve been moving around since 18 and always hated having stuff.

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My grand piano meant the world to me. When I decided to move I decided to not take it with me. I knew I would never again have the kind of space you need for a piano of that size. I could not think of someone misusing or abusing it so I decided to sell it for almost nothing. As it turned out a family member’s inlaw went to live in assisted living and she gave me her piano. I don’t play often anymore but I really cannot imagine home not having a piano. For the rest, not so much because I left so very much behind when I moved.

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My grandma’s recipe box, nesting eggs, and jewelry. A cross necklace from my dad. A glittery elf ornament from my godparents.

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There are a few things. Most of it is stuff. I’m the purger in the house. If it were up to me I’d take many things to the dump.

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The things that I’ve kept and that mean something to me are things that were important to the people that owned them before. Like the tiny blue egg that my mom found somewhere, sometime. She put it in a little box with some cotton to cushion it and make it look like a nest, and kept it in the corner hutch behind glass – and it’s perfect. No flaws. Letters my grandmother wrote to her family to update them on her husband. He had emphysema and was told by a doctor to go live in Arizona (from Iowa). My g’mother was just 18 when they married, and he died at age 22. My mom was just 9 months old. My dad’s medical necklace. Flowers and cards my dad gave my mom when they were dating.

My sister has no interest in those things whatsoever, but to me, they’re some of the best parts of the people they came from. They are very personal items, and I think that the people would love knowing that someone cherishes them.

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Yes, especially my guns and my pick-up truck.

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I am sentimental and nostalgic to a fault. So, yes.

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The stuff you own ends up owning you! ——Tyler Durdin

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A few do, anyway.

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Yes. Especially since I don’t have them now. In storage.

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