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What do you do to combat insomnia?

Asked by tabbycat (1808points) September 16th, 2008
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NyQuil, occasionally. Sometimes heated milk (yuck!). Often a DVD that I’ve seen very often before (and therefore have no reason to devote brain power to following).

<shrug> At least one of those usually works for me.

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Warm milk with a small amount of vanilla and sometimes a small amount of sugar. My mom gave it to us when we were little and called it “night-night milk”. I don’t know if it works because of the whole warm milk thing or because of the strong association with sleeping via my mother giving it to us.

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Marijuana. The only side effect if taken at night is lack of dreams.

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Diphenhydramine (Bendryl)

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Heavy doses of Advil PM

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SMOKE WEED. you have lack of dreams chris? I have awesome vivid dreams if i smoke before i sleep.

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Listen to Pink Floyd’s Echo or any other equally sleep inducing music (I mean that in a good way, really)

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I never remember dreams when I smoke. If I dont smoke, which is not too often, then I have crazy dreams again. Or at least I remember them.

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I breathe deeply, closing my eyes on each exhale, opening them as I inhale. Another thing I try is to count backwards from 100, closing my eyes on the even numbers, opening them on the odd numbers. As I do this, I try to extend the amount of time my eyes are closed. I’ve only gotten to zero twice in 20-some years. Both times there was just too much on my mind, so I said to heck with it and got out of bed.

Keeping my feet warm seems to really help. a purring cat doesn’t hurt anything either.

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What works for me is to get my attention off my thoughts and down into my body. I do this by lying perfectly still and tuning into the low-level hum of sensations throughout my body, the slight tingling that’s always there in arms and legs. If my attention drifts back to thoughts, I just immediately bring it back to the body. I’m getting sleepy just describing it

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If it’s insomnia from my mind not shutting up, I play Solitaire until my mind goes numb.
If it’s insomnia from other things…Nyquil, Thera-Flu, Benadryl, or alcohol.
I know. Not great alternatives. But sometimes you’ve got to sleep!

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I don’t even try anymore…I just live with it, for the most part. Every once in a while, if it’s not my mind keeping me awake, I’ll take a Xanax, just to get the body relaxed.

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come here, or read

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Light: But it’s late and you’re still up!
So either:
1) You have chosen to be awake and its not insomnia.
2) You’re in a different time zone (and it’s not late).
3) It is insomnia, but you’ve chosen to embrace it.
4) You are not getting laid.

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@nimis the answer is 2) I’m in a whole other country.

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Light: Phew. Glad to hear it.

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@Chris 1637: Im the same way, I dont dream when I smoke!

I dont try to combat insomnia I just stay up and try to get some stuff done that I would normally be doing and just catch up on sleep the next night

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