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How do you know if you like someone?

Asked by acrossdarkwinds (69points) September 16th, 2008

Sure you think about them, and think they are really cute or what ever. But who do you know if you like someone?

This might be one of those questions that don’t have a yes or no answer

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If you have to ask that question, then you are too immature for a relationship.

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Just out of curiosity from basp’s answer, how old are you?

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Um, really? How do you know if you like them? How are we supposed to be able to answer that if you don’t even know – they’re your feelings.

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Put out and see if it feels right. That’s what I would do.

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I wasn’t really asking “how do you think I would know if I like someone?”
Because asking you on how I should feel if I like someone is nonsense. You don’t know how I feel and react to a situation so how could you.
It was more of a “How did you feel when you liked someone?”
I wanted to see if people felt the same. As a curiousity.

Sorry, if you thought differently about this question.

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Ask 500 strangers to be clairvoyant.

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I think this is a good question. There are really two ways to “like” someone – 1. there is a “connection” (example: you get excited whenever you around them) and 2. you have things in common that give you things to talk about and share about each other. The trick though, is to find someone where you have BOTH, and that is someone who you are likely to have a successful relationship with.

I think it can be hard to tell if you really are interested in someone if say there is a strong connection, but not much in common, or if there is a lot in common but not so much a connection. I think each person has a different balance, and it’s trial and error to find what that is!

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I agree that this is a great question! I have been telling this parable a lot lately as it makes a lot of sense to me:

Carolyn Hax, an advice columnist for the Washington Post, once published a letter from a woman who asked what to do about her boyfriend, who continued to clean her cast iron pans improperly. It was driving the woman nuts, and she had explained several times how to clean the pans.

Carolyn wrote back and gave the woman some things to think about.

A year later, the woman wrote back. She said that things had ended with the cast-iron-pan abuser and she had started dating someone else. And the new guy was so great, she said, that she didn’t give a damn how he cleaned her cast iron pans.

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You think good thoughts about them, and you want to see them again…these are good indications that you like someone.

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I’m amazed by how rude some people in the Fluther community can be to a girl asking a simple, yet complicated question. Way to be helpful.

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@Aneedle—How do you answer a simple yet complicated question that is very unclear? (Or whatever?)

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And to answer this question:
Liking someone can be as simple as finding them attractive and slightly enjoyable to be around or it can be as complicated as a flurry of emotions swelling inside you whenever you see or think about a certain someone.
Usually, if you like someone/have a crush on someone, it’s because you would like to be in a relationship with them so if thats what you want then you probably like the person.
But, since we are human, thoughts and feelings are never simple and having a clear mind is best when trying to figure out your feelings.
I, myself, range from liking someone just because they are cute to liking someone because they give me butterflies. The one who gives me butterflies is the one I’d prefer to date, but I wouldnt turn down the one who I think is cute.

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@needleinthehayy…. Take your time, next time and really ask/give a complete and clear question/answer, because this can be avoided in the future. Just have a nonchalant attitude about it, and try not to take it personally, don’t let it ruin your fun and time on Fluther.

Have fun and don’t let it get you down.

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@sarapnsc, I’m afraid you might be a little confused. I did not ask this question. My sister did and thats why my first reaction was to get mad when I saw that a few people weren’t being that nice.
But you’re right, nonchalant is best.

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@aneedleinthehayy, sorry for the mix up…I understood the question, what your sister was trying to say. Guess others didn’t.

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@aneedle; sorry that there were six answers that weren’t helpful. But your sister’s vague and badly worded question triggered them. Ask her to check Guidelines

Maybe she could edit (some odd typos) or reword her query so as to be clearer and thus garner more reasonable answers. You are a loving sister so try to make this a learning experience for her.

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@gail, Thank you. Her question does have a few mistakes, I admit.
I shall show her the ways of the Fluther.

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When you can’t get them out of your mind. When they’re around you, you feel nervous and excited. That’s only a few out of sooo many more reasons

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When you can look beyond the superficial and want to know who they are. Just because someone has big boobs and a tight rear end only means i’m attracted. If she speaks like an idiot, I don’t ‘like’ her anymore (but i would still sleep with her :P)

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@Thegary: I have big boobs and a tight rear end, do not speak like an idiot, and I certainly wouldn’t sleep with you.

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Miss the point much?

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Trust me, you know when you like someone. You can’t stop thinking about them, and even when you go out, something triggers that memory of them. You’ll especially if at night you can’t sleep well and you keep thinking about them. I hope this helps.

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