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Waaaaaahhhhhhhh. I miss power.

Asked by delirium (13691points) September 16th, 2008 from iPhone

Ohio complaints. Nothing more. Thank god we have a gas stove and food stash in the basement. My lizard is cold though and the pet store is closed because all the fish died so I had to catch crickets for four hours. Kay. Done whining. Cell goes back off now.

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hi delirium. i don’t have power either. and i have an electric stove. :(
i’ve been without power since friday night. but i shouldn’t complain either. i can get food and internet at school (which i am now). and no tree branches came through my window, like my neighbor. so i guess i’m doing all right.

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Sorry to hear that Delirium! We lost power (I’m near Cleveland) Sunday around 7:30PM. This was after the tree branch came through our living room wall. (Still better than a window like Chica gomela’s neighbor!) The power was restored around 1:30PM on Monday, just in time for me to do my baking homework.

Take care of yourself and I hope you find a way to warm up your lizard! (I bet JackAdams could make something perverted out of that statement!)

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Here in PA, we have power, but I don’t have any wirelessm if that make you feel better.

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Sorry delirium, can you take a plastic bottle (like an empty laundry detergent bottle) fill it with hot water (heat water on the gas stove if need be) and wrap it in a towel for your lizard to lay on? I’ve never owned a lizard, so I don’t know if that will work, but I hope it helps :0)

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@Delirium; live with me; power outages are part of daily life.
(I read your question as pertaining to a palace coup in your particular palace.)

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Intro24, a friend of mine, recently had to replace his refrigerator because it was leaking freon. They also had to replace ALL the food in it. That same night they got the fridge, the power went out. That was 2 days ago. Their power has yet to come back on. Now he’s going to buy more food. I was thinking about going to his house after school and helping him eat all the food before it went bad, but I had other commitments :(

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I’m one of the lucky ones. Our power went out for only a few hours and came back on the same night.

As for your poor, chilly reptilian friend, wrap his tank with blankets and pillows to keep warmth in. You can also fill a bottle with hot water and place it in his enclosure to add some heat. Just make sure you wrap the bottles up in something, so that if he decides to snuggle up to them he won’t burn himself. I’m sure you could also avoid the wrapping entirely and just use warm water too. That’s about all I know about keeping herps warm in crappy situations like yours. :\

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However, if the power is out (at least here) the pump stops working and you have no water – let alone warm. You can heat water and food on a wood-burning stove but you need #1 stove, #2 wood #3 matches and #4 know-how.

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I don’t know what kind of setup delirium has, but I was able to run water while the power was out. However, if she is capable of running water she has a gas stove to heat it with (luckily enough).

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Just talked to my parents in Ohio, and thier power has been out for a while. Apparently a combination of Hurricane Ike and the Jet-stream caused it, and they say it may not be back on ‘till next week.

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I was surprised that our power came back so quickly. I live in the sticks and we’re usually low on the list. Maybe we were easier to fix than the bigger places this time. Thank heaven for our generator!

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Poor Del. Pretend you’re camping. That’s all I can say.

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What happened in Ohio?
I’m in Houston. I don’t have power b/c of the hurricane. 4 days and counting. :(

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LaChica-Remnants of Ike hit Ohio. Certainly nothing like you suffered…....but we had several hours of winds of 80 MPH. Power went out Sun nite and got it back on Tues nite. Thankfully the temps have been pleasant.

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Nice temps here too, that was the one and only good thing. I stillllllllllllllllllll don’t have power. I’m on my laptop in class right now because I missed fluther so much.

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My power went off at 1 PM on Sunday and came back on at 8 PM yesterday.

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yesterday == Tuesday

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stillllllllllllllllllllllll = it went out friday evening right after dinner, and now it’s wednesday, and they haven’t even collected the 5 or more SUV-sized piles of tree from my block….

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Ugh. Hang in there La Chica. It could always have been worse….

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Aloha, Del.

I wish you well, buddy. Where is Riser?

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Out working on his movie. I miss him muchly. Its nice to see you around, though! YOu’ve been missed!

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