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What Are Some Of The Best Ways To Create Exponential Income Without Quitting Your Salary Job?

Asked by DeLorean24 (314points) March 16th, 2022

As we all know, salary jobs, W2 jobs, 9 to 5 jobs, however you want to call it, provide linear income – meaning you get paid for the hours that you work. And you only get paid what the job is worth. You don’t get paid what YOU’RE worth. Nothing wrong with this if you feel that’s life, but it may not produce enough money for everybody. The question is now. Exponential Income – also called passive income – means earning for a very longtime from work you did only once at the very start. Hey, income is income. But many have to invest their linear income so they can have exponential income.

The question is, what are some HONEST and LEGAL ways to gain exponential income WITHOUT having to quit your job?

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Win the Lotto.

Inherit from wealthy relatives.

Buy an ounce of cocaine, ($1,750), break it ito grams and step on it once with baby laxatve powder. You can sell it for $3,500. Reinvest and pretty soon you can move kilos. Just be sure to pay your supplier up front and don’t crowd their turf.

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@Zenvelo: On lotto, you may as well will live in Vegas as everything is based on chance rather of hard work.

In cocaine, you’d have a much better shot with selling Amway products than something that would damage someone’s health for life, even if they did make cocaine legal like marijuana which I doubt. Again, your work has to be HONEST and LEGAL, and selling drugs obviously is not honest and legal work.

On inheritance, not everyone was born into a rich family.

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If you are looking for a long term gain, you should consider index based mutual funds. Your investment goes up and down in value according to the value of Dow Jones or whatever index is being used. You will not get rich overnight, but in the long term the stock market has a pretty good record.

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The term ‘exponential income’ seems like a bullshit marketing term. I have never heard of that before – until I looked it up – and the only people who use that term are hucksters and salespeople trying to take your money.

The word ‘exponential’ is also false – passive income can sometimes pay off big but usually is measured, and not with the excitement that the term ‘exponential’ implies.

All in all, I wonder if the OP is going to try and sell us something.

In any event, the therm “passive income” is far more accurate and accepted.

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Wondering how @zenvelo knows the price of cocaine…

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Who cares? It’s the business model which matters, along with its tried and proven viability. It involves marketing a product which virtually sells itself. It is a business where a minimal investment can generate spectacular yields. Low overhead, extraordinary margins and exponential potential for growth.

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I literally spit out champagne. I’m dying of laughter.

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I tried to talk my wife into making an OnlyFans, so we can make money selling videos of us…..but she rightfully talked me out if it.

The extra money would not be worth the hackers, stalkers and other issues.

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@HP Could this product be a repeat consumable – something we use everyday like soap and toothpaste? Or can it be just something that people like like comic books or drawings?

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Honestly, just buy stuff cheap and in bulk from Alibaba and resell it on Amazon for 10x the price. A good bit of the crap we all buy on Amazon is just this hustle anyway.

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That’s the beauty of it. Customers renowned for squeezing every nickel, will surrender every cent obtainable in pursuit of your product

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@Blackwater_Park No, no, no, just. . . no! Reselling products on Amazon for 10x the price sounds like a great way to cheat someone out of their money, especially if the product is pre-owned or not in good condition. Now if you buy your own product for $30 and sell it for the actual retail price of $50, you get paid the difference (retail margin) of $20, as far as the fundamentals of entrepreneurship is concerned. But selling it for 10x the price like that? Just…no! You’ve got to know what you’re doing and you’ve got to work with the law. Like @lostinparadise said, “You won’t get rich overnight.”

@HP Yes, customers will indeed squeeze every nickel possible to get your product if they really want it, but as a sales person, you want to also make sure that you’re treating your customer fairly.

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Don’t cut the product. That alone will destroy the competition. The ideal situation is to have an allergy or some other inborn aversion to the product yourself.

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@HP I agree. I don’t want to cut the product. But I don’t want to cheat anybody either. There has to be some common and fair ground.

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That single measure of not diluting the product is fairness so far beyond the norm, that adherence to other standards common to “ethical” business practices along with it will assure you a reputation unexcelled and a level of sales to match.

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@DeLorean24 Sarcasm.
Even then double the cost of certain things is not out of line when you’re fronting the cost and risk of buying in bulk. Certain things can only be bought that way and if you only need one…

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@DeLorean24 25 years ago if you wanted one or two electronic parts you would have to buy say 500 at full cost to get them. There were a couple companies that started buying the bulk orders and busting them up into smaller orders but charged 10X or more. I gladly forked over the money then and still would now.

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I have been doing it for years. It’s called being OverEmployed. The NYTimes did a recent article on it. You secure a contract job with another firm. Most Salary jobs do not have a clause stopping you from getting another job. As long as you keep up with your responsibilities in each area, it can work.
Over the years I have on occasion doubled my annual income by doing this. I mostly just used it to sock money into the max for 401K or IRA.

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