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What will happen when Fluther becomes REALLY big?

Asked by Mtl_zack (6778points) September 16th, 2008

I see a great future for Fluther. I see it as a growing database for many ideas and thoughts and whatnot. However, growth requires fresh, new ideas, and in fluthers case, fresh new members. I can see Fluther as one of the top websites getting many reviews in many magazines and newspapers. This will draw a lot of attention to the site, which will draw many new members. And with many new members, comes many new annoying repeat questions. with new members, the banning of inappropriate users like zack will be harder and more rude questions will be asked and spelling and grammar will go out of control.

What I propose, is, when Fluther becomes too big, we create a Fluther Classic, where only the people who are used to the cozy environment before the annoying newcomers who violate the site with repeat questions can stay and retain their love for providing information.

Lets say, there is a big interview or event that is supposed to attract a lot of attention. What we should do is say, “everyone who was here before this day, join Fluther Classic”, therefore, making it possible for newcomers to arrive and ask questions on Fluther Mainstream, and veterans to provide answers in both Mainstream and Classic.

I don’t know about you guys, but I like what we have now, and I’m afraid that its gonna get trashed when Fluther gets too big. Lets do something about it.

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The whole point of “My Fluther” is so that users that dont want to deal with it, can avoid the crappy questions each time we get an influx. I really dont see a problem down the road at all for fluther. Its been like this every time we’ve gotten a large influx of new members, everything goes crappy for a couple of days, (most of the) annoying users quickly leave and the valuable ones stay. IMO fluther has done a very good job at keeping its community intact with each influx its gotten. I think we’ll be fine. No need for a “Fluther Classic”

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I think we’ll all sit here and remember what we have now and wonder why we complained…ahaha (o: that’s what i’ll do anyway

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Those of us who have been here longest get money.

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The tech behind Fluther will expand to meet future needs.

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Ben and Andrew become rich and then buy everyone doughnuts. Then their heads start swelling and they start looking down on the “little people” (that’s us) with contempt. They sell Fluther to some faceless corporation who in turn floods the site with advertisements and ruins it completely. For many of us whose very existance depends on Fluther we one by one begin to off ourselves until only the teen flutherers are left asking questions such as “How do I make him like me?” or “How is babby formed?”. Meanwhile Ben and Andy are hanging out at their private island stock full of beautiful Polynesian women waiting to endulge them in whatever they wish.

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@chuckie: Yes, but every morning they will be forced to see each and every jellyfish that beaches itself in desperation.

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Can I fly on their 767 when they get one?

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I definitely do not want fluther to be like yahoo answers where too often they are having coffee breaks thus one denied access.

That is a major let down.

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@AC: You wrote, quote, “Meanwhile Ben and Andy are hanging out at their private island stock full of beautiful Polynesian women, waiting to endulge them in whatever they wish.”

Allow me to re-word that:

“Meanwhile Ben and Andy are hanging out at their own private island, stocked full of beautiful, totally naked Polynesian women, waiting to endulge them in whatever they wish, the lucky bums…”

[Remembering all those photos of Fiji that were published in the “Natural Geographic”]

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Fluther is already lower quality than it was before the first influx of iPhone users that happened several months back. The more people you have, the more things move towards the average person; when you start with a bunch of bright, articulate people—well above average—this regression to the mean is a sad but inevitable consequence of success.

“My Fluther” is a good step towards making this manageable, and towards avoiding the worst of the idiots, but it’s still like trying to hold back the sea with a sand castle.

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I think the way people use Fluther will change. Right now I don’t use My Fluther much except to quick link to someone’s page. I can envision a time when I am very particular about which questions I respond to and which threads I follow. I see that happening now much more than it used to.

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Being selective hmmm yeah that’s normaly what happens when the database grew bigger over time.

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You know Fluther is probably the best Answer site on the internet. Sites like Yahoo Answers don’t really help and never really get many answers. Fluther could become really big.

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Not “probably”.

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