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What is the top wordle word?

Asked by LostInParadise (31643points) April 1st, 2022

This wordle site tells you how good a choice that your first guess is, and gives a link for you to try to find better words. This is somewhat annoying and also annoying that I have not been able to find the top word. The best I could do is “stare”, which is rated 5.

The scoring is apparently based on how frequently the letters occur in words and also how many times they share the same position. The position does make a difference. I tried “tears”, which has the same letters as “stare”, but was ranked at 330.

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@LostInParadise, your link goes to this Fluther page.

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Sorry about that. Try this

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I would likely choose a word with RSTLNE or CDMA. Like rests.

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I tried RESTS. It ranks 6300

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I always use SLATE. It is ranked #3.

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I don’t find that very useful because it incorporates letter placement too much.

My strategy is to use words with three vowels if possible.After narrowing down the vowels, I start eliminating consonants.

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@zenvelo , I follow a similar strategy. I was just curious which word they ranked most highly. @filmfann got the third ranked word of slate. I would guess that the first two words must also end in an e.

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If you want to play more than once a day, you can try Canuckle. Same game, but you get a bit of Canadian trivia with it.

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that’s all of the top ten I’ve found.

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@Kropotkin Soare is #1!
Good job!

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Yes, well done. I never heard of that word before.
Adding to @filmfann‘s list:

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#16 share :)

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I like starting with a different word each time. :)

These are the ones in the top #100 that I’ve used.

Soare (#1)
Stare (#5)
Roate (#7)
Snare (#9)
Raise (#11)
Arise (#12)
Share (#16)
Saree (#18)
Crane (#20)
Irate (#28)
Scare (#30)
Seare (#33)
Spare (#41)
Sauce (#53)
Snore (#60)
Slice (#77)
Alone (#84)
Later (#99)

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The most curious one, in my opinion, is “saree”.

A friend of mine told me it was a good word, so I said sure why not. But I wouldn’t have chosen a word with a duplicate letter on my own.

And a few others I found on lists and can’t take credit for thinking of myself. (Soare, roate, seare, etc)

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If the target word is PROXY, PROXY is a good first choice.

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That made me snort laugh.

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So I tried PROXY. It happened not to be right.

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