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If your doctor said that you needed more pancakes and bacon in your diet, what would you do?

Asked by Brian1946 (32327points) April 17th, 2022

Would you jump on it, get a second opinion, or something else?

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It would depend on the circumstances. Oncologists told me, while I was going through treatment, that it was way more important to ingest lots of calories in nutrient dense energy foods (pizza was a fave) than to “eat healthy”.

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Need more context

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My doctor told me to use my common sense as it was right most of the time!!! He also told me to CHEAT atleast once a week so I wouldn’t feel deprived of my favorite foods. BEST advice I’ve ever had…I lost 40 pounds following that last one!!!

It hasn’t been that long ago that docs were saying to CUT OUT eggs from your diet because they will kill you Now they are saying that you NEED eggs in your diet because they are GOOD for you. I say eat eggs responsibly…don’t eat too many, but a few won’t hurt you!!!

At my age, there’s a good chance that I’m going to die in the not so distant future. IF my doc told me to eat pancakes & bacon, I’d probably take his advice as I’d die a happy little camper!!!

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Stock up on eggs, hash brown potatoes, maple syrup, and real butter, along with the prescribed pancake flour and bacon.
(One of the great foods in life is eggs fried in a bath of bacon grease!)

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Dayum you @Brian1946…now I’m craving pancakes & bacon & my common sense is telling me to STEP AWAY from the fridge!!! ( ͡◔_◔ )

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Check with another doctor.

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I am diabetic. I am careful about eating carbs, but a friend told me that doesn’t mean never eat sugar. You can cheat, but if you do, do it with something special.

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Eat pancakes and bacon and get another doctor.

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Everyone is saying they would go to another doctor. I, on the other hand, would thank him and offer him 100$ a month as an offering while getting myself as much of what I lack as possible. I have a severe case of pancaketic deficiency and low-bacon pressure and no one believes me. That would be the first and only doctor in the world who would actually listen to me and accept me as a person!

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I didn’t say get another doctor. I said I needed more context. I can totally think of a situation where I’d tell someone to eat pancakes and bacon. Pancakes and bacon are delicious.

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I would ask for a second opinion. And he would tell me that I am ugly, too.

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“I have a severe case of pancaketic deficiency and low-bacon pressure….”


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Pancakes can lower stress, improve cardiovascular health, lower blood pressure, improve immune system…wait, what kind of pancakes are we talking about here?

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I would be surprised and would ask the doctor why he is recommending pancakes and bacon. How he answered would affect whether I follow his advice or not.

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I know that this is a joke.
But I don’t blindly follow what doctors tell me what they think is good for me. If I did, today my heart would be controlled with a man made pacemaker and my heart would be in permanent atrial fibrillation and I would have to be on anticoagulation therapy for life. Also doctors are drug pushers. I’d be taking a handful of prescription drugs a day if I did what doctors wanted me to take.

If a doctor offers a procedure, operation or drug to you that dose not seem right then get a second opinion from a doctor from a different organization.

Good health!

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I’d reach, quickly and directly, for a large platter of Nekkid Pancakes. I would, however, pass on the bacon.

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I’d eat the pancakes and bacon first, then look into the reasons for it before eating too much more.

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