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Do you attend library events in a town or community other than your own?

Asked by jca2 (16459points) April 30th, 2022

Sometimes I attend craft classes and book groups at libraries in towns other than the town that I live in. I have never been asked for my address and it doesn’t seem to matter where the attendees live. To sign up, it’s online and you’re asked for your name, email address, phone number and that’s about it.

Today, I attended a craft class at a library about ten miles away. I was chatting with the ladies about where I grew up and where I live now. One of them asked me how I got to attend the class since I’m not from the same town that the library was in. I told her I don’t know, nobody asked me where I live. I just had to provide my email address and name when I signed up online. She said when she signs up for things, they want her library card and all kinds of details about where she lives. I told her I think libraries just want people to attend their events and they don’t care where you live.

I know when we would vacation in Cape Cod, when my daughter was little we’d go to library events all the time – story time for children and stuff like that. Nobody asked where we were from or asked for ID.

Since nobody seems to care where I live when I attend these events, I am wondering if the lady is being honest with her claim. Do you attend events at a library in other towns? Do they seem to care where you are from?

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I was just this afternoon at an event at my library where there were people from a number of towns. I can use my town library card to check out books from other libraries in my state. I have never heard of anyone objecting.

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You don’t usually need to prove residency to get a library card. That pretty much sums up who is welcome in the library.

I heard that Brooklyn Public Library is offering a digital library card to young adults to pushback on the censorship battles happening across the country.

Gate keeping has never been what libraries are about. :)

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In the few library events (lectures & travelogues) I’ve attended in Chicago, there was no sign-up, just a room full of chairs, first come, first served.

They also had participatory events, like using the tools in the “maker” labs, which do require a card and sign-up.

In a couple of towns where I was staying for a week or two (Evanston IL & Long Beach CA) I have obtained a non-resident card. I don’t know if that gave me full privileges for events.

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