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What will make my car stop smelling terrible?

Asked by generalspecific (1874points) September 17th, 2008

The other morning I woke up to pouring rain and remembered that I had left two of my car windows completely open and one halfway open. I promptly ran through the icy drops and fixed that problem, but now my car smells awful. I don’t exactly know what it is, maybe sort of mildew-y, but just gross. What’s the easiest (and fastest) way to get rid of this stench?

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It’s probably mildew that’s always been there.
It was just less obvious when it was dry.

I’ve tackled some mildew under our carpets with some Oxi-Clean.
The only problem with that is that Oxi-Clean isn’t great for skin contact.

I would rent one of those carpet cleaner things.
(Can usually be found at your local grocery store.)

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this is a Seinfeld episode!

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Tune up time

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Take it on a drive through the desert with all the windows & vents open.

And get the French fries out from under the seat.

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Get your carpets shampooed might help.

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Are you sure that is your car smelly, not YOU?

Just kidding…

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There’s a product called DampRid that’s supposed to absorb moisture. Problem is it takes a while. It’s tiny little pellets that draw moisture from the air. It worked pretty well when I left my windows down.

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Do you have access to a wet/dry shop vac? Suck as much water out of the upholstery as you can. An alternative to OxiClean is to use one of those cleaners (like Biokleen) that have enzymes.

If at all possible (meaning you won’t let more water in) leave your car doors and windows open on a sunny day for several hours.

Good luck.

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More like sending your car to the SPA for an overall clean up, yeah it does takes time but it is better late than never.

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After you let it air out, use Febreeze on the seats, carpets etc. for several consecutive days.

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Get a long extension cord, hot plate, and a pound of bacon. Spend about a half hour cooking bacon in your car and it will smell glorious! :D

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Thats more like fight fire with fire ?

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@battlemarz, change bacon to tilapia, it will smell FISHY…;-)

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