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Do you set a grace period when setting an alarm clock?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (20356points) 2 days ago

Say you want to watch a show at 5pm? Do you set the alarm for 4:51? To give you time to get ready? Or to push sleep one time?

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My cat is my alarm clock and there is absolutely no grace period.

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The “grace period” is built in to when I set my alarm to get up. If I have to be on line at 5:15, I set my alarm for 5 so I can go to the bathrooom, drink some water, get some coffee, do all the log in steps.

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When I have to wake up for something, I allow myself an hour. For TV reminders or errands, 5 to 10 minutes warning.

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When I was working I set 4 alarms, 15 minutes apart. The first 3 were really gentle rings. The 4th one was Rush’s intro to Tom Sawyer.. That’ll blast you out of bed!

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I usually set the alarm for ten minutes before actually getting up.

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