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How can i make Itunes play something at a set time?

Asked by Kiev749 (2092points) August 4th, 2009

Is there any way to set an alarm on itunes on my computer to where if i wanted to wake up at 9 am, then i could set it to play a playlist at 9 am? I know they used to incorperate the ipod with this feature but the ipod touch won’t play from the library. only the certain sounds apple programed it with and they don’t come close to waking me up…

Or is there some sort of program out there that would mesh with itunes or would i have to go about programming it myself. and how would i do that?

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PC or Mac?

I know there are a lot of Mac apps that do this. I’m not sure about Windows.

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pc. Windows Xp sp 3

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I’m not so sure about Windows, but for the MAC, I use iTunes Alarm.
Simple enough. It can also sleep and can have multiple alarms.

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This might help.

I have not used that software. Don’t blame me if it doesn’t work.

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@derekpaperscissors LOL, the clock in your link is set to 4:20!

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Easy. If using a PC, start iTunes playing, put the computer to sleep with the auto wake time as your alarm time.

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I use windows and use a great program called iTunes Companion. It requires you install the yahoo widget engine but it’s well worth it. I just hide the widget dock and use iTunes companion. There is a section called tuneclock that will do exactly what you want it to do. It also allows you to assign shortcuts for things like rating, volume, pause, play, next, etc…

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thanks for all the help everyone. My uncle actually forwarded this to me and made it so much simpler, (no installs)! link

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@derekpaperscissors Lurve for that app!! I’ve been rigging iCal to be a rudimentary iTunes alarm clock (using the “open file” with an .mp3 from my iTunes library – rigged it when my alarm clock broke) without ever googling for an app to do it for me… Duhh! :)

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