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If you had 3 nukes?

Asked by Koxufoxu (224points) 1 month ago

If you had 3 nuclear bombs. Where would you drop them and why? For me it would probably be Russia once becuase they are dangerous and Communist China twice becuase its dangerous too and has ideology thats not good for anyone expect Goverment

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Sorry – I won’t even go there in jest.

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I’d disarm them.

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For starters, I wouldn’t have 3 nukes available to me so I couldn’t be tempted!!!

The Russian government is dangerous, but the Russian people are just like the rest of us…they only know what they’ve been told so they are NOT dangerous!!! Much the same for China. Do you not understand that when you nuke another country that the fallout does NOT just stay within their boarders??? You would be killing a LOT of innocent people who think just like the US thinks AKA friendly to our cause. Depending on which way the wind is blowing, the fallout could be at your house as well as China or Russia!!! Is it really worth it???

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Sorry, I thought social questions were about half jokes questions and half jokes anwsers. Have a nice day everyone, plus I am not really pro any war

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One for Pyongyang, North Korea, because they’re asking for it. One for the Kremlin, Moscow, for Putin. The third for Tehran, Iran, because of the hostage crisis which wasn’t resolved in the 1980’s.

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Not any of the nuclear powers, because theat would trigger MAD. Unless the destruction of the human race through nuclear armageddon was my actual goal, in which case it would be the capital cities of Russia, China, and the Colonies.

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I would not nuke anyone. Too many innocent people would die because I was playing God.

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@Koxufoxu It’s ok. You’ll feel your way. Social can be about a real issue or it can be humourous questions and answers. I just can’t joke about nuclear war or the Holocaust, etc.

Stick around.

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@janbb But am I joking about nuclear war? In question its not started how powerfull are nukes, where you gonna drop them and if its gonna have bad things after. You know, its very open question

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^^ Maybe you need to do more research about nuclear bombs then.

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@janbb all I have to say that I asked question that drunk men ask each other in bar. And I was expecting typical anwsers

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Into the sun, because I wouldn’t want them to do the environmental damage that they would do anywhere on Earth.

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I am reasonably certain that no ICBM has enough Delta V to Hohmann transfer into the sun.

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I think the reason why people are not in on the joke with you is because of how you worded your question. You say that:

“For me it would probably be Russia once becuase they are dangerous and Communist China twice becuase its dangerous too and has ideology thats not good for anyone expect Government

According to the bolded sentences, you think those countries are dangerous, so they deserve to be destroyed. This is where the joke starts to not resonate with us. It doesn’t read like a joke, it reads like an opinion piece. A joke is supposed to have a funny punchline that we can recognize and laugh at, something unexpected and funny. I don’t see that in your question. I see an opinion. Even if I was a drunken man in a bar hearing someone saying that, I would still see it as a hyperbole for a political statement, not a joke.

@LadyMarissa has a very good answer when she mentions that the ordinary Russians are just like anyone in the world. And @Zaku has an excellent answer that actually sounds like a joke. It’s unexpected who would think of the sun? It’s clever, and there is no strong opinion attached to it.

I’m not saying this to bring you down. I’m just trying to make sense to you why people don’t react they way you expect. I have people getting angry with me and doesn’t bother explain why too, and I’m tired of that.

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@Mimishu1995 I think noone will disagree that those Countries have dangerous Goverments. And only people who think here agrresivly towards people are You. Becuase in my anwser I meant dropping 3 w54 in places in both Countries that at this moment are have or had nuclear tests that made fauna and flora of those places not exsisting like 40 years ago

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@Koxufoxu so this is not a joke and you are actually stating your opinion?

And what do you mean “only people who think here agrresivly towards people are You”?

And I’m not even passing judgement on your opinion about those countries. I’m simply explaining to you why people don’t take your question as light-heartedly as you.

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@Mimishu1995 I meant You in plural. Its half joke anwser to half joke question

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@Koxufoxu and the joke is…?

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@Mimishu1995 in question that there is nothing states about those bombs exepct of how much of them you have so you can go creative. And in my anwser statetment about nuking anyone is a joke.

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@Koxufoxu So this is like a hypothetical question where everyone can just brainstorm jokes for themselves? Then maybe you should just have stopped at “If you had 3 nukes where would you drop them and why?” and just let people answer. No talk about Russia or China for at least until everyone has answered your question. You can see people got their impression from your statement about Russia and China and that distracts people from thinking of the question in a light-hearted way. You can even say something like “humor welcome” to let people know you don’t mean any harm.

I think another reason why people react so negatively at your question is because you are new here. We don’t know who you are, so we don’t know what to expect from you. Attempts at jokes can be tricky, especially with jokes about serious things like nukes. We have some established members here that have proven themselves to be able to make absurd jokes about absurd things, so if this question came from them I think people would have been less negative, because they would know this was only a joke. Plus those members would know a way to word the joke much more effectively. This is like hearing a dirty joke from an old friend whom you frequently fool around with and have a bunch of inside jokes with vs from a totally random stranger on the street.

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@Mimishu1995 yeah sorry my bad I should phrase it in diffrent way. And I think people should be more open to new users. It works much more better that way for gaining new people on site

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@Koxufoxu I think people should be more open to new users.

People here are open to new users. Just look at the answers you got for your two questions about your family. I wouldn’t have taken time to help you see the problem with your question if I didn’t care for you. And even @janbb told you to stick around even when she was uncomfortable with your question.

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@Mimishu1995 yeah that should be one question, I Just had problem with something on site. But yeah I am thankfull of that. What I meant people shouldnt see my joke as aggressive or anything cause I am new and didnt do anything

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But I think I am gonna finish responding under this threat. Let it slowly die and we all should forget it exsists

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@Koxufoxu yeah, it’s unfortunate that people are offended by your question. But it’s just normal human feeling. Like I said, it’s like a joke from an old friend vs a stranger. It’s really hard to override your uncomfortable feeling around the stranger when you don’t know them and don’t know their intention, even though the stranger is genuine. The takeaway here is: social context is key. Make sure you clarify your intention around new people.

I hope you won’t be too negatively affected by this experience. Over time when people know you better, I’m sure your jokes will land much better.

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@Mimishu1995 yeah and I hope people wont be affected by this joke and wont look at me bad next time I will ask about something

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@ragingloli Yeah, I too don’t think ICBMs have the Delta V to reach the sun, but this question seemed to me to suggest we got free successful delivery wherever.

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@Koxufoxu I don’t expect any of us look at you badly, or are really affected by this joke. As Mimishu1995 has been explaining, we’re just new to each other, and conversations with only text can make it hard to get on the same page especially with something like humor about nuclear weapons, especially from people one hasn’t read much from before.

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Mar-a-Lago Club, because the obvious.

Texas, because they should have seceded a long time ago but didn’t.

Fluther, for not understanding how to have a little fun with nonsense.

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I would much prefer to have ninja assassins. There are several leaders and scum I would have them get rid of without having to take out a bunch of innocent civilians.

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