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What is the nutritional value of a fingernail?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (20529points) 1 month ago

Is there any?

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You mean, like, eating it? About the same, I would think, as eating hair.

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@Jeruba Yes. What is the nutritional value of hair too?

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For what it is worth, I did a Web search and found this. In summary, hair and nails are mostly made of keratin, which is difficult to digest and does not have very many calories.

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Much less than the nutritional value of tree bark.

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Maybe as Fibre, so negative nutritional value. But fingernails sometimes have some gunk stuck to them. Mmm mmm, gunk.

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Rhino horn is also keratin. Perhaps we can sell our fingernail clippings as White Rhino Horn powder and make some $.

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