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Did playing video games help my hand eye coordination?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (20529points) 1 month ago

I believe that it helped me with fighting bullies in grade school?

Can I give credit to video games?

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Maybe a little, but there’s more to fighting bullies than hand-eye coordination.

I was able to fight bullies when I was about 5, before I’d even seen a video game.

My impression is that attitude and taking action is the main thing that works in fighting bullies. Often, bullies are bullying because they are afraid, and are not actually prepared to fight, so someone actually attacking them will often get them to stop.

When a couple of times, much later, I found my car losing traction and spinning out, I was able to react and avoid crashing, and I had the impression that my video game experience may have helped me react effectively. However, I have no self with no video game experience to compare to, so I don’t know.

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Over the years I have read many an article claiming that video games do actually increase the hand/eye coordination of the player. I’ve NEVER done my own research to prove the theory, but it makes sense to me!!!

I feel that fighting bullies has more to do with attitude than coordination, but I’ve not researched that for myself!!!

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Yes it did. To be fair, using a keyboard and mouse did too.

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USAF found that people who played a lot of video games were really good at operating jet fighters. Multiple controls and switches, and multiple displays.

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