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What is the order of how you make plans to see a movie?

Asked by raum (11270points) 1 month ago from iPhone

Option #1

Look up movie listings to see what’s playing. Then ask someone to go with you.

Option #2
Ask someone if they want to come see a movie with you. Look up a movie you want to see.

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It varies a lot. I’ve done both of those, but also:

Option #3: Find out a movie is playing that I’d like to see (without looking up movie listings first). Then ask if someone else wants to go.

Option #4: Go to the theater and see if there’s anything I and/or whoever’s with me would want to see.

Option #5: Be someplace with no plans to see a film, but they’re showing one. With or without someone who’s with me, decide whether to watch it or not.

Option #6: Any of the above, without asking anyone else to go.

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I always go because I want to see a certain movie, so the second one. I don’t, anymore, just go to the movies to just go to the movies.
Sometimes it’s a silly movie, but it’s always a planned movie.

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I go alone.

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I go alone mainly too because it is a movie I want to see. Or with @ragingloli.

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This is how to plan not to see a movie:

1. Find a movie that you’d like to see.
2. Buy a ticket online and go to Cineworld
3. Get comfortable in the theatre and watch the adverts
4. Feel it is taking too long for your movie to show
5. Realise you are in the wrong theatre and your movie started 20 minutes ago
6. Watch the wrong film anyway.

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What is the purpose of this poll?

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Wow you all are so structured!

Generally we just feel like a movie while out and head to the theater, and find something we like. If it starts later, we’ll have dinner/drinks first.

Recently, we rent from home due to inflation. The benefit is that you ‘own’ it and can watch multiple times. The new Uncharted is fun, especially if you played the game.

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@SnipSnip I (incorrectly) made an assumption on how people make plans. Now I’m curious how other people approach it.

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I haven’t been in a long time, but this is how it usually went:

Me, driving home from shopping, “oh, shit, look what’s playing! Wanna go tomorrow?”

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