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Do typical hand wipes kill the Monkey Pox virus?

Asked by JLeslie (65479points) May 28th, 2022 from iPhone

I’m not worried about Monkey Pox at all, but I’m just curious. I tried to Google and what I found is washing hands with soap and water and alcohol kills the virus. I can’t find anything about hand wipes that have other chemicals nor have I seen bleach solution mentioned. Have you read anything?

Bonus question: since small pox vaccine is thought to work against monkey pox, are people who were vaccinated back before 1972 thought to have some possible immunity?

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Past data from Africa suggests that smallpox vaccine is at least 85% effective in preventing monkeypox.

Moneypox is transmitted by skin to skin contact like handshakes or body to body, so you would have to use typical hand wipes where ever you made contact.

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^^I had found the same, but it doesn’t say if the chemicals of wipes work or if it lives long on surfaces. Like take for instance norovirus last days on surfaces, wipes don’t work to kill it. The only really good way to kill it is washing well with soap and water or bleach.

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Looks as if we go back to wearing gloves in public.

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Gloves don’t help much. People are too stupid. They don’t seem to realize that touching something full of bacteria or a virus and then touching your face or an open wound is the same as touching it with your hand. You have to remove the glove without touching any parts of the glove that might be infected before touching your own body for it to help.

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Clorox sanitary wipes (in plastic round container kill 99.9% of most viruses and bacteria) that total kill not 0.01% of types not killed.

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Tropical_Willie Clorox wipes don’t kill norovirus. You can see on the Clorox website it says you need to use bleach. It’s actually a little deceptive on the Clorox website.

#2 Norovirus resistant to many disinfectants.

I’m not easily coming across monkey pox information.

@Inspired_2write What? You think most people understand the gloves get just as dirty as your hands?

People don’t wash their hands and then pick up the gloves and put them on. All the germs on their hands getting onto the gloves. At a restaurant where I buy takeout the woman at the register does everything with gloves on. Touches the register then touches food containers. She spreads all the germs around with her gloves on.

I see all sorts of things.

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@JLeslie, but the woman at the register: she’s protected. That’s all that counts, right?

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@Jeruba She might be completely clueless and not even be protecting herself. Even before covid it would bother me, but I squash my annoyance and fears.

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You’re right about Norovirus so . . . . . bleach just like Old Tangerine Make-up said.

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I looked up Norovirus a few years ago because the typical late winter outbreak always hits where I live. All these retirees going on cruises and to Disney. Basically, not much to be done except cower at home, which I don’t do. You can’t count on restaurants to do the right thing or doing anything extra special. Just have to cross your fingers. I do usually wear a mask in public bathrooms now, I figure that’s a good idea for covid, Norovirus, and probably others.

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I see a rebranding bonanza here: Monkey Wipes.

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@JLeslie “People are too stupid” Yes they are! We ‘people’ are so lucky…
You will save us.

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@WhyNow I’m not sure why you think I might be talking about you. I don’t mean everyone is too stupid.

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