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If your house is built on a crawl space is there any obstacle to building a covered patio?

Asked by JLeslie (65542points) June 14th, 2022 from iPhone

How hard is it to add a roof onto the house over a patio on a slab? Or, does the patio have to be a deck?

If it’s a one story house do you need to have the floor of the addition lower than the existing floor in the house? The area does get a little bit of snow, it’s North Carolina, so you need a pitch to the roof.

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Not hard but get an engineer or architect to design, I have house with a crawl space, covered screen porch, down a set of brick stairs.

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You would need some kind of removable access panel/door for the crawl space, like wooden section over the crawl space access.

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My house is concrete built on a slab.

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@SnipSnip So is mine. So? The Q is about a house built on a crawl space.

@kritiper Do you need access to the crawl space all the way around the house? I don’t remember that. I haven’t had a crawl space in a long time.

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It is all up to local code. A reputable builder should know the answer to your question. Either Way, you will need to file for a building permit if you are making these kinds of changes.

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@JLeslie If you have a crawl space, it’s better if you can access ALL of the underside of the house because you never know when you’ll need to. Like for electrical/heating/ plumbing additions.

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Crawl space access I’ve known had two hatches / doors.

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The patio doesn’t have to be a deck. A couple of access points to the crawl space is enough.

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Not at my house. The crawl space is about 15 feet from my patio slab. Most people here do detached awnings/canopy.
I’m planning a pergola at some point.

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I like the idea of an awning so that when it’s not open the sun comes into the house, but the problem is I’m a mosquito and bee magnet. Having a screened in space is a huge increase in happiness for me.

Although, now that I think about NC has unbelievable pollen for a few months, and probably a 4 season room with large screened windows might be more practical.

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