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REJECTED by Am I doomed?

Asked by capet (988points) June 15th, 2022

I’m guessing that the good folks at are overwhelmed by now, due to the high rates on some of their products.

Recently I joined the rush. I submitted my info to create an account on, and immediately got an annoying email (reproduced below) with instructions to mail them something.

I did that: As they instructed, I completed their form, got a medallion, and sent it to that PO box.

Am I likely to ever get a response? How likely am I to be approved? Has anyone had experience with this before? Any tips for me?

And yes, I understand that fluther is not the place to go for authoritative answers to my personal regulatory questions. I’m also going through the proper channels, I’m just looking for people’s experiences as well.

I should also add that, as annoying as this email is, it is probably a good idea. We don’t want money-laundering going on, and there’s no way to prevent that without breaking a few eggs.

The email:
Dear Account Holder,
Thanks again for opening a TreasuryDirect account. We are having difficulty verifying the information you provided when opening your account. We are not provided with any information related to issues with the account verification. The online application process is automated and the TreasuryDirect system attempts to verify information the customer provides with commercially available services. Only a Pass/Fail notification is returned to the TreasuryDirect system. The verification process does not involve your banking information or data from your credit report/rating. We cannot answer questions via phone calls or emails related to this topic.
For your protection and to help resolve any access issues with your account, please complete the account authorization form and mail it to Treasury Retail Securities Site, P.O. Box 9150, Minneapolis, MN 55480–9150.
A hold has been placed on your account that will prevent you from accessing your account. After we receive and approve the account authorization form, the hold on your account will be removed. The average approval takes 10–15 days but may be longer based on the volume of forms we receive. You will be notified by email when your account is authorized and ready to access. When you log into your account, check the Investor InBox section of your TreasuryDirect account for an important message.
To ensure continued delivery of TreasuryDirect related information to your inbox, please add the “From” address to your address book.
Your new account number is (blablabla).

For my own reference, they also have a phone number: 844–284-2676

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Mailing in a PDF is doom?

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First world problems!!!!!

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No !

You’re just being dramatic ! ! !

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Response moderated (Personal Attack)
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If the FBI is at the door CALL A LAWYER !

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