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Anyone ever been to Venice?

Asked by tigertigertigerwoodsyall (20points) September 18th, 2008

I’m leaving for Venice, Italy in a few weeks, has anyone here on Fluther been? I would appreciate any tips you could share!

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You must take a tour of Saint Mark’s Square and visit the Rialto Market. Go to Harry’s bar for some food and a Bellini, for which they are famous.

If you can, you should stay at a hotel overlooking the Grand Canal, it’s worth it. We stayed at the Hotel Marconi and loved it. Get a room with a balcony.

Take the Vaporetto (water bus) everywhere. It is the best way to get around aside from walking. It’s easy to get lost in Venice but don’t panic if you do, you’ll eventually find your way.

Stay away from the cafes along the Grand Canal unless you’re looking for a good view and not necessarily a great meal.

Venice is really beautiful. I’m very jealous. Have a great trip.

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Venice is extremely walkable! You may get a little “lost” for a bit, but it’s just like one continuous circle/maze. You’ll eventually find your way back. Keep an eye on the signs and just walk, walk, walk. I second trudacia – St. Mark’s and the Rialto market are both great. Enjoyyy!

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watch out for expensive meats (read: lobster) priced in hectograms (hg)! I was in Venice a few years ago, and on the menu the “hg” looked a lot like “kg”. I thought I was getting an unbelievable deal, but in fact paid 10x the expected price.

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We went in January and it was great! You are also going at a good time (unless the water is high.) I would suggest that you arrange a walking tour before you leave. It is nice to have a local explain where everything is and the history about it before you go out exploring on your own. So much to see! Have fun. I hope you are going with someone you love because it is just about the most romantic city in the world.

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I was there a few years ago. I have one very important tip for you. Buy a map as soon as you get there. I would still be lost in an alley if I hadn’t bought one. You can walk for 15 minutes to find out that that little maze you just walked through was just a dead end.

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its amazing there!! buy murano glass beads as souvenirs for your friends, but pack them carefully. they’re native to venice, i think. if you’re jewish, you might want to check out the 1st ghetto in all of europe. it has a very small, yet beautiful synagogue, and there are many stories of how its so unusual.

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Regarding the Murano Glass, yes it is native to Venice. You can take the Vaperetto to Murano and tour a factory and watch it being blown. We toured the first one on the left as you get off the boat. After the demonstration, you are lead to the showroom, and can see amazing examples of it, most very pricey. Wind your through the showroom and to the bottom floor (more affordable) showroom. That will take you to the canal and bridges with other shops.

The other place outside of Venice that is nice is Padua (as in St. Anthony of). Amazing church, but it would be best to take a tour there with a guide. As you go from Venice to Padua, you pass the shipyard where a lot of the cruise ships are built and there should be at least one under construction there.

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oh yeah, watch out for pigeons, and don’t eat crumbly bread near them. they peck.

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Yes, I forgot to mention that! Go to Murano!

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The square of sv. Marko is nice and is easy to get there form any part of the city by water.Every boats cross over that place.

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