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What types of rowing machine have adjustable resistance and don't need electricity?

Asked by capet (791points) 1 week ago

I’m looking for rowing machines, and I’m wondering which kinds have adjustable resistance without using electricity. Can you help me figure this out?

From a very lazy google session, it looks like flywheel is my cheapest option. I also can’t tell whether the magnetic types require electricity (it seems like they would, but maybe they are human-powered somehow?).

- I don’t care whether the console and stuff work without electricity. I just need the core machine itself (and the resistance) to work without electricity.
– When I say “adjustable resistance,” I mean a setting that I can change, not just resistance that changes in response to how hard I’m rowing.
– The best way to find this out is to look at the product documentation. HOWEVER I am looking for advice to help me with my online search for a used rower that will work. I’ll be going through a lot of listings and it likely won’t be practical for me to look up the specs for every single one.

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Check out Concept 2. You can likely get one reasonably priced from Craigslist. I have an old Concept 2 rower with the latest PM5 computer (battery powered). I’ve had it for over 10 years (bought it used and still function flawlessly) and lately modified it to be a paddle machine. You can get a great workout with it. I like to do ladder workouts within a 10K distance. There is no slacking as the computer is constantly displaying time, distance, speed, watts and heart rate. Of course there are several other set distances and you can design your own workout or just row as you as you feel. Also the MP5 computer analyses your stroke and displays how you deliver power throughout your stroke.

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We have one from Sunny Health and Fitness. It’s been a good unit for us. No electricity, sturdy, adjustable.

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Ones that propel a flywheel that has an adjustable belt around it to regulate resistance to the flywheel’s spin.

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