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Do you think possibly that the real reason to not allow abortions could very well be the fact that the result would be more people to pay taxes?

Asked by Inspired_2write (14187points) 1 month ago

Perhaps that is the real reason along with votes from Christians.
Think on that because more are getting abortions and thus population numbers drop significantly that the result would affect the economy in such as not enough workers paying taxes,purchasing goods,keeping the economy running smoothly.
Every baby born is a potential tax payer.

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Nope. Impoverished populations don’t pay much 8n taxes. The key is that they are e haunted and hungry, and thus, compliant.

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So sorry about the typos. “Exhausted” and hungry…

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The idea is a double edged sword. On the one hand you may have more tax money, but on the other hand you need more infrastructure, resources, fresh water, FOOD to feed these extra people. The world can only suffer from more and more of us.

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I think the real reason is because some people want there to be as many humans alive as possible to endure the misery and anxiety of existence.

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No. It’s far more likely that unwanted children will become a drain on the economy through public assistance, mental health needs and/or incarceration.

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There will be more impoverishment, more needs for foster care services, more needs for substance abuse treatment, including treatment for babies born addicted, more needs for the Probation, Parole and court systems, more needs for food stamps, WIC (food for women, infants and children), more needs for foster care preventive services, more needs for domestic violence services, more needs for homeless services and shelters for famiies, as opposed to shelters for individuals.

I said on Fluther about a month ago, when the Supreme Court draft was first leaked, that it will be very interesting to see the poverty rates and stats in about 10 years, after all the shit hits the fan, which it will. Whether or not there will be funding for all the needs outlined above will remain to be seen (probably no increases in funding if Republicans have their way) but it will be interesting.

Republicans don’t give a royal fuck. They just want to see their wishes be fulfilled, which is who gives a fuck about the poor, the mentally ill, the needy, we just want what we want.

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You would think when nine of the most intelligent people in the US come together to make a decision that there must be a thread of logic in their thought processes but I don’t think there is one. The decision comes from superstition not reason and with no regard to the consequences.

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It has to do with the Constitution, as written over two hundred years ago.

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@kritiper The Constitution says nothing about AR-15s either.

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Here’s a good article about the Constitution and the 14th Amendment which was used as the reason for Roe v. Wade:

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@janbb Our founding fathers meant for the Constitution to be flexible and adaptable as required through the years. The mention of AR-15’s (and abortion) as written, specifically,is of no importance.

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@kritiper I wasn’t disagreeing with that.

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