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What's a better way to conduct street fundraising for organizations that need money?

Asked by bkburbo (251points) September 18th, 2008

I see people street-fundraising for various non-profits all the time in my city, but my impression is that most everyone says “no,” or “sorry, don’t have time.” For those that do stop and listen to the elevator speech, most seem to say “no” when they realize they are being asked to contribute on a monthly basis.

Do the funds they raise exceed the cost of their efforts? If not, what’s a better way to do it?

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Organizations would not do this if it was not effective enough to warrant the effort. Other ways include fundraising walks or runs where participants get people to sponsor them, direct mail fundraising, bake sales, car washes, silent auctions, black-tie galas. The list is endless.

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Well these people are volunteer so organisations may be loathe to turn away any free labour?

That’s a great questions From a business perspective I wonder if they spent that time working to generate wealth in something that they excel in if that would be more productive (i.e. A volunteer that’s a basketweaver makes more baskets and donates the profits from the sale of those baskets to the charity).

But they do intangibly raise awareness and if they gain the support of even a few people the network and ripple effects can be much greater than the individual donation…

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