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How can an American citizen find a job in London?

Asked by hagueemi (19points) February 13th, 2010

I am finishing up at master’s degree in the US, and looking to pursue opportunities abroad. I would love to spend some time working in London, but I know that it is difficult for Americans to obtain UK work visas. Does anyone have recommendations about the best way to find a job with an employer that will sponsor me? My degree will be in public policy and management, so I’m most interested in entry-level research or analyst positions or a job at a nonprofit.

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Great question. I’ve been wondering this myself. Subscribing.

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Perhapos you will find this helpful.

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I’m sure they’re available if you’re willing to deal with a mountain of paperwork. Good Luck

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If you think it’s difficult to obtain permission to work in the UK as a US citizen, you’d shit a brick at the restrictions applied to other nations.

The ukvisas site is very useful for you – it outlines in plain English what you need to do or have in order to move here to work. It seems that you have three options – a Tier 1: General Migrant Visa, a Tier 1: Post-study Work Visa or a Tier 2: Skilled Worker Visa.

You may also need to demonstrate your level of English through an exam recognised by the government if English is not your native language.

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I tried some years ago and was not given a work permit for the job I’d been offered. Your best bet might be to get a job with an American firm with offices in London that will sponsor you for the permit.

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With a master’s degree and enough cash, you might be able to get through the skilled migrant worker program. I think they prefer people to fill jobs in roles for which there are a shortage, such as nurses, doctors, etc. Not sure what research or analyst positions will mean for points.

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