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When did having to maximize the window to find things that are not visible, start?

Asked by chefl (917points) July 19th, 2022

To see the “Send” in an email (not all the eamil providers) for example. I never encountered that. Not just about email. Was it always like that or is it a recent thing?

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It’s always been like that, if and when the layout is too small for the window size. Whether the default size is big enough depends, unless the programmers write logic that adjusts the layout. Often though it would get enough testing to not hide things in typical situations.

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Ok,but the default position should be the “Send” is visible even if it not maximized.

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So argue with the programmers. @Zaku answered your question according to his knowledge.

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For most designs, I would agree that the “Send” control ideally should be visible in the default window size . . . but in the context of all systems with windows, there are many different devices, operating systems, and screen sizes, and many of them have the operating system determine what the default window size will be, and the operating system will usually not know anything about the Send control.

Often an operating system will allow a program to set its own window size, so the program itself might try to calculate a minimum good size when it gets launched, and request to be shown at that size. On the other hand, not all operating systems allow that, AND some users may complain about programs that start their windows out large or partly off-screen.

Some programs may be set up to scale their display to compensate, but if they’re given a small size, and they scale to show their Send button, it might need to make everything very small to do that.

In short, yes that’s a good goal, and can often be arranged for most cases, but there are cases where it doesn’t work out, especially when the developers assume a different screen size from the one someone uses, and/or the operating system gives a program smaller window size than the developers expected.

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Thanks, I can’t say I get it except for thr first sentence. All Iknow is I was looking for something that might have replaced the word “Send” by let’s say a an icon or something, and then I maximized the window.

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The simple answer is yes, you’re right, it should show you the controls you need.

But sometimes something messes things up so you end up with a window that doesn’t show everything.

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By the way, once I clicked on the Windows icon on the screen (desktop/laptop) and I spent a ton of time looking for the scroller which can be only found by accident if we just happen to hover over it? Am I right? Previously it would give you “All programs”, and we can enter the key word or go through the list.

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Sounds about right for Windows 8/8.1. Which version of Windows are you running?

I mostly use Windows 7, and part of the reason is I dislike the new/phone-style/torture Windows menus. Though I hear there are ways to get them to be less annoying, I don’t know what those are.

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Windows 10. Give me windows 7.

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