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Guess who has reached the ground level of the mansion?

Asked by rebbel (35501points) August 2nd, 2022

Well, who?
It’s Boffin!!!!!!!!

Many congratulations on, may I be so frank to say, finally, reaching 10.000 lurve!

Could you be the only one, or else, one of a few, who has done so without asking even one question?!
You did it with just your answers!!
A true feat!!

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Yay @boffin! Congratulations! Welcome to the mansion. I have always loved your avatar.

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Congratulations, @boffin. Welcome to the BIG house!

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Congratulations @boffin

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Welcome to the mansion. Enjoy your stay. Congratulations!

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Amazing @boffin now you’re king of the jellies! :) Only answers, I am in awe.

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Thank you

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Go @boffin, go @boffin, it’s your lurve day.

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Congrats oh wise one! boffin has all the answers and no questions. wooohoooo!

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10kongratulations, @boffin way to go…..

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Wtg boffin! Congo rats on your splended first 10k!

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Congratulations! I will be bringing the music and my dancing shoes to the party.

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Again, thanks.

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All food and drink is on me!

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