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Where can I find people who are interested in life, cosmos, science, immortality, paradoxes, reality, truth, god, aliens, mysteries, etc. ?

Asked by ANIKBYPASS (21points) August 11th, 2022

I often feel lonely realising I don’t have friends who are curious like me or question the things that they have been told or hear and want to know the true nature of reality.

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This is a good place to start.

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WOW almost anywhere with all those topics. I am interested in many things but you may be trying to cover too much all at once. With that stay curious about everything just try to ease into stuff.

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look up online each one of those topics separatly and you wiil find your tribe.

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You can start with: Life, the Universe, and Everything:,_the_Universe_and_Everything

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Coast to coast AM radio station, website and dating site, will be a good start.

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Dating site?! I don’t think so. People don’t go there looking to discuss philosophy. That’s not to say no one there wants to, it’s just not a likely place since most go there looking for relationships/sex.

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@smudges It is the closest site that I can find that my beliefs wouldn’t be an automatic deal breaker. I only tried the free account and will wait till I get my shit together before paying for a dating site.

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@smudges I am a little confused. Why did you mention a dating site? Did I miss that in the OP?

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@RayaHope Sorry my bad. I was just trying to be helpful. I mentioned dating site thinking I was adding value to my answer; And sharing a bit of myself.

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@RedDeerGuy1 I’m even more confused now.

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@RayaHope There is a stigma from having super-natural beliefs. Which makes it hard to find a boyfriend/girlfriend. I haven’t had a date in 22 years. For example, I believe that I am an 26,500+ year old immortal trapped in psychic time travel loop. To some it would be a deal breaker. Would be less painful to go on a paranormal dating site. Bad things happen when I talk about it off Fluther and the dating site.

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@RedDeerGuy1 I am sorry to hear that. I think it’s my lack of experience because I didn’t read anything in this about dating. I thought you wanted someone to talk to and engage in like interests. Just meaningful conversation and wonderment about the universe and stuff.

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@RayaHope Thanks. I want a meaningful relationship with someone who I can talk to about stuff. I was cyber bullied by students in my university because of my beliefs. To the point that I failed out of university and was traumatized. I am finally getting back on my feet, after 22 years. I want to be a school/career counselor to help others from being stigmatized for being different.

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@RedDeerGuy1 That’s really terrible. Everyone should have the freedom to discuss their beliefs.

@RayaHope Did you figure out where ‘dating site’ came from? reddeerguy mentioned it, thinking it would be a good place to go to discuss the things the OP is looking for. I said it didn’t seem like a good place since most people go there looking for relationships or sex.

@ANIKBYPASS I’m sorry…it seems I completely derailed your question without meaning to. :(

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@smudges Now I see it (my face is red)



Guys…. I completely forgot to recheck for answers coz i was a bit busy working on a class project, How about we make a group chat and discuss more, maybe we will get to know some new exciting stuffs and also get to know each other ? if you’re interested lemme know !

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