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Anyone listen to Coast to Coast AM?

Asked by Jess (221points) June 30th, 2008

For me (Pomona, CA) it’s AM 640 and it comes on after 10:30pm I think. Just wondering if anyone listens, it ranges from wacko-ish madness to really interesting science/spirituality stuff that you definitely don’t hear on normal programs.

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haha, my mom does every once in a while. it’s pretty interesting, i’ve never listened to it but looked at the website before.

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I listen to it every now and then. I used to listen more often when Art Bell was still hosting it. It comes on at 2 am on 77am in NJ.

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I used to listen to it all the time when I was getting off work at 2am. Now that I am on a more “normal” schedule I don’t get to listen to it as much. Wish I could download the podcast to my iPhone. It is a really fun show and I enjoyed listening to it.

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If it’s on and I catch it, I listen… I like George Noori the best as host, and am not always happy with his guest hosts. I don’t believe everything I hear on the show, but find it highly interesting and it’s a really well done show, so I appreciate it and the callers as well.

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I love it! Some guests are nuts, but I love the discussion and listen every night@

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I listen to it now and then. What happened to Art Bell? I haven’t heard him on there in a long time.

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No longer. They are full of crap.I sent them a serious, documented UFO story which I was involved in personally with the media in tow and they never responded. What a bunch of losers.

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Art Bell has been semi-retired since 2003. I used to listen to Coast-to-Coast a lot, as well as Dreamland, but my need for sleep usually makes me miss it.

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I have and it can be very entertaining.I wish I knew the name of one of the songs they always play during the intro.

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Crazy talk.

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@lucillelucillelucille One of my favorites they use for their bumper music is Ghost Dance by Cusco.

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Best program ever! Listen and learn the truth! George Noory, George Napp, and Art Bell are the greatest radio hosts of all time.

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This was asked three years ago.

Answer: Yes.

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MY mom use to ..she would tell me about conspiracy theories, Talk abut Shadow people, they got her excited about crop circles, so I know from my mother how wide their subjects can spread they from subject to subject my mom was in her eighties lI loved hearing her get so railed up abut such subjects. Perhaps someday I will make time for such stations

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In Jasper I listened though static and now that I live in Red Deer I don’t get it. .. I liked it.

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