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What is your favorite jelly flavor?

Asked by RayaHope (4997points) 1 month ago

I think the question kinda gets right to the point. Or even make up a flavor, you can even include jam.

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Grape. My grandmother made excellent grape jelly!

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@ragingloli Of course nothing less will do.

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@ragingloli Which animal and what blood type do you prefer?

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The A blood type is considered the sweetest blood type. This is because the A antigen carries a lot of sugar and is easy to digest.

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I like jams much better than jellies; it spreads better. No particular flavor, although I do like grape and the various berries.

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Blueberry. Can’t beat it with a stick. Blueberry muffins are tops!

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I’m fond of the @WhyNow and sometimes the @Squeeky flavored jellies. @RayaHope is new on the shelf and the jury is still out on that one ;-)

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@seawulf575 I’m a unique taste a little French with a side of Native American and a sprinkle of German. But as you said, I am fresh ;)

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I like raspberry, with seeds.

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Raspberry jam, from the local grower’s market, from this small family that grows the raspberries and makes the jam.

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That must be jelly in your belly cause jam don’t shake like that.
-old blues song.

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Orange marmalade, and strawberry preserves are my 2 favorites, but I love fig jam with feta cheese or cream cheese on crackers. Blueberry and boysenberry jelly are really good too.

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I like to jam with my jellies!

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@Strauss LOL! GREAT answer :) cleaver I really like cleaver. Sometimes I’m not cleaver enough to spot it. :)

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Orange marmalade and Mom’s apricot/hot pepper on crackers with cream cheese.

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